Dr Sidharth Arora will introducing you to Laxmikanth 6th Edition in this video lecture. This is the first lecture of the series titled ‘Historical Underpinnings’ and this session will be extremely useful for your Indian Polity Preparation for UPSC Civil Services Examination.

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  1. Simran Seetha 12 months ago

    Hello sir, I just want to thank you for teaching soo many people who need your guidance and help, you know you are amazing and I am very grateful that your lectures are my part of preparations, all I can say is thank you.

  2. Rutik Bongale 12 months ago

    God of polity🔥🙏💯

  3. Let's Crack UPSC CSE 12 months ago

    Same lecture in English – Historical Underpinnings –

  4. santosh davi 12 months ago

    Sir kya yah video Roj isi time per Aaegi

  5. Venkatesh AM 12 months ago

    Linguistic discrimination
    Don't know hindi

  6. Lyf of Dreams. 12 months ago


  7. Lyf of Dreams. 12 months ago


  8. Lyf of Dreams. 12 months ago

    Body corporate, viceroy, secratory state of india,

  9. Vikas Dhiman 12 months ago

    Namaskar sir

  10. Yush kumar Singh 12 months ago

    Thanks sir good night

  11. Kusum Fulluke 12 months ago

    It is really best teaching platform…

  12. damon 12 months ago

    4:06 start time

  13. shubhneet shubh 12 months ago

    Very nice Sir ..
    Sir pls cover case laws in this lecture series mentioned in laxmikant .🙏🙏

  14. malem thounaojam 12 months ago

    Can't thank you guys enough for what you are doing here…. means so much for someone who couldn't effort coaching in Delhi…

  15. Redmi4a Playstore 12 months ago

    Thank you so………much….sir … :):)

  16. nk dolan 12 months ago

    Thank you so much, Sir, for your precious guidance.
    You really motivate me and keep me going while making polity understandable.

  17. Akshay Bhadani 12 months ago


  18. pooja Seth 12 months ago

    1858-viceroy repesentative of crown
    2. Secretary of state post was created
    3. Lord canning first viceroy
    4. Responsible government first time introduced
    5. Now the Her Majesty government ruled in INDIA
    6. Now crown rule was started

  19. Sonu Nigam Singh 12 months ago

    Sir can I have your number please, there is something personal to talk about.

  20. Sandeep Shukla 12 months ago

    Pity's Act 1784

  21. Sandeep Shukla 12 months ago

    Regulating act 1773

  22. Sandeep Shukla 12 months ago

    Act 1883

  23. Sandeep Shukla 12 months ago

    Government of India act, 1858 changes the Governor general of India to Viceroy of India.
    The new body create is called Secretary of State ,
    And assist them legislative Council of minister a group of 15 members body .

  24. jordan jack 12 months ago

    Whose powerful between Secretary of state or viceroy

  25. Alok Singh 12 months ago

    accept my gratitude sir ..

  26. Sir Hindi Bola kriye jis se Hindi medium walo ko problem n ho

  27. Abhirup Chandra 12 months ago

    Long awaited lecture series. Really grateful to you sir for your efforts. This dot connecting method of yours is really helping a lot. Thank you.

  28. Shabnam Nahr 12 months ago

    Thnkew sir🙏🏻

  29. DEVENDRA PRATAP SINGH 12 months ago

    Sir Question please answer. Can judicial activism be used for judicial review.

  30. Swati Pal 12 months ago

    Thanku sir for this🥰

  31. Ashu Sharawat 12 months ago

    Thanks sir you are the best teacher and my favourite teacher

  32. Sanjay boran 12 months ago

    Sir 12 class polity please

  33. S . K 12 months ago


  34. Vaibhav Das 12 months ago

    You have completed this chapter…. there are lots of topic left…. please tell me are you going to cover that in next video ?

  35. Disha Singh 12 months ago

    Amazing sir

  36. ÆRYA Bhaskar 12 months ago

    Sir i wached your 97 lectures on polity.. Its very very good video.. Many many Thank you sir..

  37. Rock Paru 12 months ago

    Sir iska time table bata sakte ho kya

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