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Kerala PSC Biology Class for University Assistant Exam by #TalentAcademy, in this #biology video, our faculty Mr. Dileep continues the discussion about the most important and repeated questions for Kerala #PSC exam from biology subject on the human heart.

Questions from Human Heart is regularly repeated by Kerala Public Service Commission ( in various degree levels examinations like University Assistant, Secretariat Assistant and Company, Corporation, Board Assistant Exams as well as in other examinations.

You can find the first part of the video here

In the first part of the video you can find answers to lot more Kerala psc questions in this video on Human Heart from Biology like,

Which organ is known as the pump in the human body, The study that deals with Heart, Hearts double-layered membrane, Total weight of heart, questions on heart chambers, regarding blood vessels?

This psc coaching class on #biology which is explained in Malayalam will help you to understand answers to all questions related to the human heart.

The second part of the video on human heart ie, this video explains more advanced topic related to human heart like the structure of the heart and facts related to the same.

Here are some of the recent videos by the same faculty on blood groups, bones, and muscles below,

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The content being discussed in the video will be helpful for those appearing for various Lower Division Clerk Exams, University Assistant Exam, Last Grade Servants Exam, Company Corporation Board Assistant Exams, Secretariat Assistant Exam, KAS (Kerala Administrative Service), Sub Inspector Exam and all other exams conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala #PSC).

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