BYJU’s presents another video in the series of JEE Advanced. In this video we will be learning Thermodynamics with Mrinal Sir.

Next portion after Mechanics is Thermodynamics. It basically teaches about the exchange of heat energy between bodies and conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy and vice-versa. You are introduced with the terms like heat, internal energy, work, enthalpy, entropy etc. The topics you study here are first law of thermodynamics, various thermodynamic processes like adiabatic, isothermal, isochoric, isobaric, second law of thermodynamics, Carnot engine, heat engine, heat pump, refrigerator.

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  1. Gautam Telang 2 years ago

    keep up the work! i am not so well prepared for advanced please make such lectures covering all of the most important concepts for advanced!! thanks

  2. Rahul Kedia 2 years ago

    Amazing clarity sir! The class was very helpful for me as I am planning to appear for exams. Thank you Sir. God bless you

  3. jayakanthan j.k 2 years ago

    Thermodynamics topic in ur magnetic attraction style class.

    Simply Awesome sir 👍👍

  4. Chirag Mittal 2 years ago

    Amazingly explained 👍

  5. Rohit Ranjan 2 years ago

    Bohot badhiya

  6. abhin jharwal 2 years ago


  7. sai kiran 2 years ago


  8. Anup Singh 2 years ago

    Nice approach buddy… Lets give me the one chance to explain this problem in advance 😜

  9. Kulbhushan Karn 2 years ago

    Amazing way of learning..👍
    Really very helpful for JEE Advance aspirants..

  10. happy to watch my class 11 physics teacher here.

  11. Prafulla Mallik 2 years ago

    This was really very helpful. Thank you.

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