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Unacademy JEE brings to you another Quiz session on one of the important JEE Mains topic – Solid State

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  1. Shivam Prajapti 1 year ago

    Good evening sir

  2. Nitin jha 1 year ago

    Thank you so much sir
    Ab aap mere favourite chemistry teacher ban gay ho
    Sir aapne recent PYQ discuss karke bohot acha kiya
    Thank you sir ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Rajesh kumar 1 year ago

    Good evening sir… I am new in unacademy

  4. Lovely Bhagat 1 year ago

    Mai first time aai hu apke class nai

  5. Manish Kumar 1 year ago

    Sir aap biomolecules, polymers ….ye sab chapters padayenge…ya phir ise mai NCERT se pad loo…

  6. Himanshu Singh 1 year ago

    Sir mera class 12 result pending hai

  7. ConRay 1 year ago

    Welp. I hate this a lot

  8. Keep Learning 1 year ago

    sir plz concentration terms puri karva dejiye .plz dear anupam sir. Dekhne ko to bahut sari videos hai youtube par but I am waiting for one and only your video on that topic. Still waiting..even me apne teacher ki videos ko. Bhi ni dekti.or bahut sara syllabus pending reh gya hai

  9. Tanishk Mittal 1 year ago

    but sir…. in the last question.. it is given that the solution is DILUTE so we can say that.. number of moles of SOLVENT >>> number of moles of SOLUTE .. so we can ignore 'n' in ''n+N''.. am i right???

  10. Aaditya Kumar 1 year ago

    Sir aapke channel pe 1 million subscribers jaldi hi hone waale hain so please ek gift dedo.. plus susbcription pe 25% discount kar do!!! Congratulations in advance!!💯✨

  11. RITIK BAJAJ 1 year ago


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