Infinite Pulley System Shortcut || IIT JEE Mains And Advanced Special

#infinitepulleysystem #pulleyproblems #jeemainphysics #jeemain2019

In this Video we will discuss Very famous infinite pullley problem and its short trick to solve questions very fast. We also discuss traditional method to solve this question for that you need to understand reference system.

This question is very good example of pulley questions for iit jee mains & advanced. Students can see many question in their test papers of different coaching.


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  1. Pammy Mehta 3 years ago

    Thx sir

  2. Ananya Srivastava 3 years ago

    thank you so much sir..thats very helpful

  3. Yash Anchaliya 3 years ago

    Sir wedge wale questions bhi dalo

  4. master groom 3 years ago

    Sir iss type ki method ke kuch aur application batao short cut

  5. Ritik Reigns 3 years ago

    Thax sir

  6. Shadab Alam 3 years ago

    Short trick m 2 br m' q hua ….. Sir or questions upload kro na isi concept pr based

  7. Sir is type ke kuch aur tricks batao

  8. Ben 3 years ago

    Sir u posted that we can get solution to any revision material and I whatsup on that no.. I got no reply do help!

  9. Pranit 3 years ago

    This is out of syllabus

  10. Vivek Mishra 3 years ago

    Sir plss start with physics atleast

  11. Sunil kumar pandey 3 years ago

    Feymann lectures

  12. Ayush Sharma 3 years ago

    Sir shortrick ka m` ka formula aaya kaha se

  13. cganesan 1963 3 years ago

    Please provide English captions

  14. Hi H 3 years ago


  15. Study Hard Be Evil 3 years ago

    Pully massless hai kya ya phir we need to differentiate mass of each pully?

  16. Prashant Dagar 3 years ago

    How did you write pulley second equation like that

  17. Prashant Dagar 3 years ago

    If you're in pulley reference then the acceleration of that system is 0

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