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  1. Study IQ education 3 years ago

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  2. Sushil Thakre 3 years ago

    Few days before Russia has developed sattern icbm.

  3. Sir CBI pe video banaiye

  4. GC Ymous 3 years ago

    Mr.Trump , It does not matter how much of a rush you are in the morning , you must stop putting your head in the microwave oven to dry your hair quicker .

  5. GC Ymous 3 years ago

    श्रीमान ट्रम्प, इससे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि आप सुबह कितनी जल्दी दौड़ते हैं, आपको अपने बालों को सूखने के लिए माइक्रोवेव ओवन में अपना सिर डालना बंद कर देना चाहिए।

  6. Amieet Kummar 3 years ago

    Thank you so very much for educating all of us. God Bless You.

  7. ashish gautam 3 years ago

    Russia fade dega america ki gand

  8. prashik siddharth 3 years ago

    Awesome session thank you very much sir

  9. Nikhil Shelke 3 years ago

    कही पे निगाहे कही पे निशाना

  10. anonymous 3 years ago

    isse India jaisi developing countries ko hadd se zyada faayda hoga.. short mein bolun toh donald trump ka har dusra action India jaisi developing countries ko hadd se zyada help kr rha hai.. usme bhi sabse oopar hai USA ka INF treaty ko radd krna

  11. bharat Tiwari 3 years ago

    I see 10 times headphones zone add .some fat man come say he excited to introduce highfi man sundara 49000 rs headphone.

  12. Prateek Soni 3 years ago

    INF treaty will surely benefit India and China will be forced to resolve border disputes with India.Although China has a massive armed forces which can give beffiting reply to US at any moment.India should take benefits from both the sides.

  13. Aman besan 3 years ago

    Donal tramp powerful decision. Russia bana raha hai.China ko counter karne kliye…USA k sath NATO v hai abhi

  14. any offer on the pen drive coursses?

  15. india update 3 years ago

    Hlo sir plz make video on c.b.i issue .

  16. WIND 4 EEE 3 years ago

    २०५० आते आते लोग world cup देखेंगे या world WAR,,,,, या फिर बीमारियों की महामारी?
    लोग शांति व सुविचार का त्याग कर विलाशिता और ताक़त के पीछे भाग रहे हैं जो बीमारी से ले के द्वेष तक सब का जड़ है।

  17. Ww3 ab to pakka hai…

  18. asad khan 3 years ago

    Amrica china ka kuch be nahe bigar sakta…Q ke china bohat strong ha giya ha…

  19. farhan reza 3 years ago

    yehi time hai india ko hidu muslim chor ke aage barnhe ka india ko super power banne ka

  20. Arijit Dutta 3 years ago

    India,China, Russia should fight together against America. So that America should disappear from the world

  21. Arijit Dutta 3 years ago

    World war 3 is not so far away.

  22. Kavita Jamadar 3 years ago

    Because of trump Modi & China.. our current affairs increasing day by Day

    I am thinking abt election of 2019😣😨
    It will be a huge burden of current affairs

  23. Kavita Jamadar 3 years ago

    Mujhe aisa ku lag rha h…Ki India kuch Kiya bina hi…Uske dushman apas Mai Beth ke lad rhe hai😂

    China- USA
    USA- Russia
    Russia- China
    India – China
    Pak- kisi ke sat nhi bus ghun ki tarh piss rha hai😂😂😂..India se ladne ke liye

  24. Swabhiman Patel 3 years ago

    thank you sir. The geopolitical scenario is changing fast especially in Asia. Now India must look for more room to expand itself as global power as now we are living in a multipolar world and any single country is not going to dictate the terms any more.

  25. Abhishek Sahu 3 years ago

    Trump going at good speed to counter china's interest in SCS…..

  26. Zaki Haider 3 years ago

    Its all dangerous for USA, as agreements prevents war n many other things………USA believes that he can do any thing with any country………its just his sick mind n strategy…….soon everybody will c that USA will be down economically,……

  27. SPECIFIER . S 3 years ago

    I want breaking of China like USSR with the help of CIA

  28. MOHD HUSSAIN 3 years ago

    Never believe on America… never ever… Trump is a successful mad president….

  29. Sidharth Singh 3 years ago

    Trump duniya ke liye jaisa bhi ho pr USA ke liye yeh vardaan se kam nahi hai

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