Learn the 6th trick of Vedantu Shortcut Tricks Series of Physics, as Vamsi Krishna Sir takes you through Question #5 solving method.

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In this fifth session of Vedantu Physics Shortcut Tricks Series Q#5, Vamsi Krishna Sir, CEO, Founder and Master Teacher at Vedantu Online Master Classes, explains you amazing and untold Physics shortcut tricks for JEE Mains & Advanced Physics Questions. These powerful tips have been curated after long observation and research of JEE main question pattern and the approach of students to solve those questions as well. With these IIT JEE Physics short tricks, you will be able to save a lot of time and can utilize that time in solving some more questions of Physics or other sections and ultimately which will fetch you more marks.

These Physics Tips and Tricks can be implemented in IIT JEE Main, Advanced, NEET and any other competitive exams with Physics being a part of it. The main motive of sharing these tips is to save your time applying the standard formula and approach. These Physics short tricks for competitive exams will surely help you to secure good marks and will get you a better rank in JEE Mains & Advanced 2019. Learn some super-awesome and proved IIT JEE Physics questions solving strategies.

Vamsi Sir enlightens you with excellent Physics shortcut tricks for JEE to obtain the solution to complex Physics Numericals at a 3x faster speed. To help you guys with JEE Main preparation strategy, Vamsi Sir is here to get your back with one of the Super Powerful Physics Tips to crack IIT JEE or any other competitive exam. This session on Physics Short tricks and tips by Master Teacher Vamsi Sir also entails Physics questions for competitive exams that will definitely increase your chances of getting selected in IITs or any other top colleges. Learn how to study Physics for IIT JEE along with amazing preparation tips for JEE Mains 2019. that will transform you into a crackerjack at IIT JEE & NEET preparation.


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    Thank you sir for your tricks..
    Bahut ache aur useful hain

  3. Suyash Verma 2 years ago

    Thank you sir!!😊😊

  4. Bal krishan K 2 years ago

    Can it be done just by eliminating E2 and then, total emf would be 4V and total resistance would have been 8 ohms?
    Thanks a lot sir.Your tricks help us a lot in solving questions quickly and easily.

  5. praduman kumar 2 years ago

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    Sir Only 30 Days Left For Neet 19 I'd request you and vedantu to post more of such videos ASAP. They Are Really Helpful. Thank You!❤

  10. nitish kumar 2 years ago

    You are totally amazing sir…………………

  11. priyanka Yadav 2 years ago

    Thankyou vamsi sir
    Your tricks are amazing, I am able to apply them in my mock tests.

  12. Bammidi Ramesh 2 years ago

    this tricks most helped me in jan jee main thank you sir

  13. Sir are you an engineer

  14. Kuldeep Thakur 2 years ago

    yes lion is comeback phod denge

  15. IamDebashis Mishra 2 years ago

    Sir please keep doing the standard methods…

  16. Ashish Ash 2 years ago

    This is reallyyyyy amazinggggg!!!!!!! Thnq sir……

  17. SWAG AND EXPLORE IT 2 years ago

    Superb superb superb.

  18. SWAG AND EXPLORE IT 2 years ago

    I got notification for#10 😀😀

  19. Suraj Singh 2 years ago

    Sir vedio bhot late aa rhe h

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  21. Akhila Kamala 2 years ago

    Every time u smile in the whole video,even I will be smiling,and my mom thinks that I am watching" comedy nights with Kapil"

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  24. Arogya AK 2 years ago

    Sir y don't u have Ur own chanel in YouTube
    U r such a great teacher/lecturer in physics

  25. Gagan Tyagi 2 years ago

    i used this in one of my school exam and my teacher said no to it

  26. piyush malviya 2 years ago

    Thank you Sir…:)

  27. SAGAR CHOUDHARI 2 years ago

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    Sir you are accha brilliant ha

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    Bak bak thoda kam kr

  33. Rashmi Singh 2 years ago

    Sir shouldn't we write 2V -4i -2V =0.

    As in the uppermost battery is connected in ulta direction so we are first coming to the negative side

  34. Tumati Ramesh124 2 years ago

    Sir you are a great Guinness like Einstein sir I'm 1st year bi.p.c student please can you please explain me the basics of the physics for solving problems

  35. Sohit Verma 2 years ago

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    thk u so much sir…..for u r excellent tricks……

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