Learn the 9th trick of Vedantu Shortcut Tricks Series of Physics, as Vamsi Krishna Sir takes you through Question #5 solving method.

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In this fifth session of Vedantu Physics Shortcut Tricks Series Q#5, Vamsi Krishna Sir, CEO, Founder and Master Teacher at Vedantu Online Master Classes, explains you amazing and untold Physics shortcut tricks for JEE Mains & Advanced Physics Questions. These powerful tips have been curated after long observation and research of JEE main question pattern and the approach of students to solve those questions as well. With these IIT JEE Physics short tricks, you will be able to save a lot of time and can utilize that time in solving some more questions of Physics or other sections and ultimately which will fetch you more marks.

These Physics Tips and Tricks can be implemented in IIT JEE Main, Advanced, NEET and any other competitive exams with Physics being a part of it. The main motive of sharing these tips is to save your time applying the standard formula and approach. These Physics short tricks for competitive exams will surely help you to secure good marks and will get you a better rank in JEE Mains & Advanced 2019. Learn some super-awesome and proved IIT JEE Physics questions solving strategies.

Vamsi Sir enlightens you with excellent Physics shortcut tricks for JEE to obtain the solution to complex Physics Numericals at a 3x faster speed. To help you guys with JEE Main preparation strategy, Vamsi Sir is here to get your back with one of the Super Powerful Physics Tips to crack IIT JEE or any other competitive exam. This session on Physics Short tricks and tips by Master Teacher Vamsi Sir also entails Physics questions for competitive exams that will definitely increase your chances of getting selected in IITs or any other top colleges. Learn how to study Physics for IIT JEE along with amazing preparation tips for JEE Mains 2019. that will transform you into a crackerjack at IIT JEE & NEET preparation.


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  1. Sanjay Shukla 3 years ago

    Sir please bring Ganesh Pawar Sir on YouTube for mathematics

  2. iit an 3 years ago

    Sir please make more videos on class12 tricks

  3. Poornima rao 3 years ago

    Sir ur amazing u make all the concepts simple and easy
    So that we all love VEDANTU

  4. Dame Thma 3 years ago

    Thank you sir. .

  5. Aalok Kesarkar 3 years ago

    Honestly great technique 👍👍…Also watched in Namo sir's video.

  6. Mann Sahb Rana 3 years ago

    I think this is the standard method and not the short trick

  7. MD MONAZIR HASAN 3 years ago

    sir thank u,sir apka trick no. eleven se agla video nahi hai kya

  8. kattamuri manisha 3 years ago

    Namo sir has already said this trick in his lectures

  9. Shivani Gupta 3 years ago

    All the tricks are amazing sir and the way of explaining is very good.

  10. Vishal P 3 years ago

    This can also be done as follows: In any pulley system, however complex, work done by tension is zero. So from there you can find the relation between the two accelerations, from which it can be solved

  11. K koyal Koyal 3 years ago

    Nice trick👍

  12. AndroidGamer 3 years ago

    Vedantu team can you please upload the recent April jee question papers we would love to give them as mock tests.

  13. Shiva Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir pls upload more questions solved using this trick with more complicated pulley systems

  14. HD Movies Sector 3 years ago

    Sir nice trick bring more questions plz and more trick more tricks

  15. Shourya Agarwal 3 years ago

    namo sir ne ye method bataya hua h sir
    in his NLM master class
    may be in purchased crash course but i know this

  16. SAUMYA AWASTHI 3 years ago

    best trick till now i have studied

  17. Faiza Aftab Yearner 3 years ago

    Vamsi Sir is awesome !!!! Thank you so much sir

  18. keshav vyas 3 years ago


  19. Tanisha Jain 3 years ago

    Vamsi sir you are just awesome….sir plz take few motivational sessions with regular batch students who have just entered grade 12 from grade 11 ….it will good to have a pinch of guidance and motivation from you….I m long term course student of Vedantu

  20. Rohan Gujrati 3 years ago

    4:07 se dekho

  21. TESLA SCIENCE 3 years ago

    Tension trick is more easier in this case

  22. Pankit Thakkar 3 years ago

    Video starts at 1:50.

  23. AbhaY SingH 3 years ago

    Kya bavaal tareeke batate ho sirji…. Best teacher 😇😇

  24. Biswaroop Ghosh 3 years ago

    Super cool method

  25. Sathya Narayan 3 years ago

    Superb class 👌 u r awesome….. Plz upload more ……

  26. Sathya Narayan 3 years ago

    Sir plz upload on rotation motion also

  27. Sufwaan Amees 3 years ago

    Video starts at 1:55

    Thank me later

  28. Lakshmi Priya 3 years ago


  29. Sahil Sharma Sharma 3 years ago

    Sir no.1

  30. godha reddy 3 years ago

    Sir pls use english !!!!😃

  31. Dhanendra Bhagat 3 years ago

    Thnx sirrr

  32. Soumyaranjan Panda 3 years ago

    Sir next video on short cut plzzzz thank u sir very much again

  33. shareef nawaz 3 years ago

    Awesome sir ji

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