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  1. ankit kumar 3 years ago

    2E was not in option 3E will be answer

  2. Abhishek Mohanty 3 years ago

    Sir Fermi dirac ka formula direct pucha ta MCQ mein

  3. Abhishek Mohanty 3 years ago

    NAT mein 110.101 ko decimal mein convert pucha tha

  4. Abhishek Mohanty 3 years ago

    SIr JEST xam ke liye kuch tips batayiye how to prepare in 5 days

  5. THE JUDD 3 years ago

    Sir , first of all orbit of earth is considered circular in question and asked time period of earth not the increment in the day?
    Answer will be 24.96 hours so problem is it.

  6. LokEsh Verma 3 years ago

    i have a question that was asked in jam that if a em ray incident from denser to rarer surface which component will shift its phase to pi when it gets reflected?

  7. Prosenjit Paul 3 years ago

    A heat engine operating in carnot cycle ..
    Which quantities of working subtance is constant ????

  8. Prosenjit Paul 3 years ago

    Sir eya questions mcq ma pucha tha…

  9. samiksha k 3 years ago

    If the mass per unit lenght of the rod is 3x and total lenght of the rod is 2m then the moment of interia of the rod about a line perpendicular to it and passing through the tip(x=0) of the rod is??

  10. neha sharma 3 years ago

    In msq type questions….
    The conditions of energy and eccentricity to be satisfied by a curve to be parbolic are??

  11. A particle of mass m falls under gravity in which a resistive force acts which is proportional to its velocity. Plot its graph

  12. Utkarsh Verma 3 years ago

    Can someone confirm was the question to calculate new time period of earth or to calculate the extension in the time period!!because i did 25.6 as the ans???

  13. Prashant Tiwari 3 years ago

    sir in question 2 according to keplers law time period should be increases by 6 percent.

  14. Mahaveer Gangwar 3 years ago

    For diatomic ideal gas work done was given 2300 J in an adiabatic process ,initial temperature was 1150 K and final Temperature was 400 K .find the mole?

  15. Mahaveer Gangwar 3 years ago

    sci(x)=sqrt(2/L)*sin(pi.x/L) in 1-D potential well of length L .find the probability of finding the particle between x=0 and x=L/2.

  16. Mahaveer Gangwar 3 years ago

    If del.(grad f)=0
    then (grad f) will be : solenoidal or irrotational or rotational ????

  17. Mahaveer Gangwar 3 years ago

    what will be the bravais lattice of Cscl unit cell .

  18. Palash Das 3 years ago

    What was the answer of That op-amp problem

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