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  1. akash dilliwal 3 years ago

    Yes, the struggles mentioned are really true.
    #1 Roommates: Seriously, they will be the only people around your life in most cases. And you cannot judge people so easily in a small time frame. So, the one solution would be that get a lease for 6 months. That way you will adjust in that 5 months and will know the places and more people with you in universities.

    #2 On Campus job (Dinning): Even if you will get one, they are shit work to do. They are very embarrassing jobs and in my case I have very ill mannered managers also. They are people working from many years and can treat you badly. So beware, because when I use to think about such on campus jobs from India, I never expected such pain of doing it.

  2. Amit Kumar 3 years ago


  3. gairik ray 3 years ago

    This guy makes people think all colleges are of same standard. Good job man !

  4. Aditya Bhogte 3 years ago

    That the real senario and struggle you have posted that might we not get to know. That was a awesome video. You really removed a shit out of me, like all the struggle you told. Need to prepare for all this. What's that in background quote "afraid to do" Just curious to ask. That was a great video

  5. Vedant Modak 3 years ago

    Your content quality increases 10x in every video, you're amazing keep it up!

  6. Michelle Tracey 3 years ago

    Another awesome video, Yudi! Very nice balance of "reality check" and positivity for moving forward! Nicely done.

  7. Prerak Mathur 3 years ago

    How does recession affects the job prospects after MS in USA specifically for foreign candidates? I am asking because the next recession might occur soon .

  8. Monish Khambhati 3 years ago

    Bad days are for everyone! Stay humble and hustle hard! You will reach there. That is my motivation! I sometimes go through not a bad day but a whole bad week but you need to hold your head up high!

  9. priyanka barman 3 years ago

    outstanding describing

  10. Sanketh B 3 years ago

    USA is not the best country anymore for studies. They want your money, your hard work and then finally they don't want you there! Everything is left to chance (H1B lottery), no matter how talented you are. Even if you do get an H1B, the odds are heavily stacked against Indians for permanent residency too ( > 15 years wait time for advanced degree holders : )

  11. g k yatri 3 years ago

    Bhai english ko beech mein mat lao aapka parivaar bahut bara hai hum 135carore hai aap ke sath hai aapke bhai hai speak in hindi bro some brothers is illetrate here i am 32years old your friend puneet rajput from delhi

  12. Karim Aziz 3 years ago

    Hey girl, if you're reading this msg I hope you're doing better.
    I can completely understand the attachment you had with your family could push you back but know that nobody succeeded on back foot!
    You need to fight, hard. Harder. And harder.
    Nobody will come to rescue you except YOU!!!
    I would suggest make new friends engage more with ppl and as you see them struggling you will feel united.
    Your parents trusted on you and I know you wont let them down.
    Keep telling yourself that how much they will feel proud when they see you succeeding in your life.
    And about that course you are struggling with see if you can adjust it or have alternates.
    I hope this gives you power to fight back.
    Remember you're not alone and harder you grind the better your future shines.
    Good luck.
    Respect from Pakistani student✌️

  13. Sharvani 3 years ago

    Love the video. I totally agree about all the point that you mentioned. Yes, the struggles are real.

    #1 Girl I hear you. You are not alone. I have been there. Trust me, you will be ok. And once you get over this, you will see the bright side. It's right there. You are brave and I now you're going to own it. Lots of love ❤️❤️

    #2 Campus jobs are difficult to find and we should not forget that it's an added burden on top of the coursework and assignment. I came across two people who were telling me that they have money only to pay the fees for one semester and their consultants told them that it's ok and they can easily work and earn in US. But it's not that easy, and you really can only work on campus in the beginning on student visa until you can get your OPT, which can be quite challenging.

    #3 Household chores and other work – it's hard. You literally have to take care of everything, and there are only those many hours in a day. I would also like to add one point that labor cost if very high here, so you have to not just take care of household chores like cooking, laundry and bills but also things like installation of things like furniture, bulbs etc. While it's fun for some people, it's not fun for others. 😊

    #4 I don't totally agree with you that college name doesn't matter at all while going for job interviews or hiring process. In my experience, it matters and it affects the hiring process. It's just not as intense as in India, where job profiles are divided based on which tier college you are in, which is nonsense in my opinion. It's not as bad in US and almost everyone gets a fairly decent job. And your skill sets and other aspects are also valued. It's not just your degree. But that which school you went to still matters. It's sad but it exists.

    #5 Having good friends by your side really helps. We all are brave and we can and will overcome this. 😊

    #6 Great great video. I can see you growing for good. I wish you good luck and looking forward to some more great content. 😊

    P.S. Lol it felt like I wrote some essay. Sorry about that 🙈

  14. Chitha Azhagapan 3 years ago

    Can you please give us information about MPS how it is different from MS.

  15. manoj manu 3 years ago

    How to check circulum of university

  16. Murali 3 years ago

    I hate going to other countries for pursuing higher education.. India has lots of opportunities & high potential for great workforce..if u have idea start ur business here..why going to other countries leaving ur family & friends here and struggling there…For me going to other country is fine but only for trips 😊..If u have talent u will be successful where ever u are.. Finally last thought is be in India..Build ur own business here..if that's not possible work with other companies..Love ur family & live with them because ur parents took care of ur for about 20-25 yrs & now it's time for u take care of them & give them what ever they want.

  17. Murali 3 years ago

    I hate working in those bull***t software companies, who will make u work like donkey..I am so happy now because I dropped plan of going to US for MS & started my Hotel business..U just have to look for gaps in the market & fill it up by starting ur business..Now I earn double than those software employees

  18. Vijaya Venkat 3 years ago

    great piece of advice. keep making videos like this..

  19. Naren 3 years ago

    Thank you so much

  20. Ananya Dhanapal 3 years ago

    Thought this video is going to scare me ! But U explained the facts and also on how to overcome it ! Thank You so much 😊

  21. Sasa Bane 3 years ago

    I wish I could explain this to my friends and family members in India.
    When I first arrived in the US I was in a very happy state of mind thinking everything will be so good from now on but I was wrong. I wasn't aware that the darkest phase of my life has begun.
    First few months were good but then started clashes with roommates. They used to party every alternate day and I wasn't used to all this. This continued for till the end of semester. My grades were badly affected and I went back home just to get some freshness back. But again after coming back I decided to move to a different house with a few seniors and then again shifted to a new house as lease ended. Now the real nightmare happened. These new people were so bad and inhumane that we had fights from day one. We're 3 and the other 2 guys team-up and fight with me over trivial reasons. They are so dirty and nasty that they do not clean the house, never throw garbage, never do dishes for weeks. I am in living hell right now. Again because of this I totally lost interest in my life and studies. I lost focus and motivation. I hardly talk to anyone and have literally no friends because I am afraid. I am low on confidence and depressed a lot. Every single day I am in a fear and hoping this will end soon. I have to find a job too which added to my mental stress.
    Fortunately, I am graduating next month and I HOPE (which I always do, and that's what made me come till this point) that good days will be coming soon! I think I was not mentally prepared to face such people and situations before coming here.
    So for all those who are planning to come to the states, please prepare yourself mentally before coming here, do your research well and be aware of the motives of other people because people get very selfish after coming here and who seems to be your friend might not be your friend. All the best and Thank you for reading this!

  22. pro crastinator 3 years ago

    Hey yudi I'm currently in my 8th semester of btech in EEE and I'm going to take computer engineering as my masters for fall19 in CSUN. I'm really anxious about my future studies and I'm in doubt whether I'll be successful or not in what I'll be doing.Pls make a video on computer engineering and prerequisites I can study before joining the masters program so that I don't struggle .

  23. Shanu Sk 3 years ago

    Hi yudi great video could you please do a video or invite people from health care courses there is not much information available out there 😥

  24. ABDULLAH KAZI 3 years ago

    The first thing I learned while coming to MS in USA you will not be spoonfeeded
    You got to do everything on your own
    I would like to narrate my experience after my btech
    Got a campus placed job
    Worked there for 2 years
    Went to a private MNC worked there for 4 years
    After that i did MS and let me tell you experience will give you a edge over others and it helped me in selecting the right field
    I highly recommend if possible a 3 years minimum experience or any job role
    And try your luck
    Create your portfolio of your work on behance or a website
    After I MS I find a huge cut throat competition for the jobs especially for the computer science and technology
    While some of my Mech and aerospace friends were recruited with NASA and Boeing
    The thing is keep pushing forward
    Learn to do things on your own
    You need a will to do it
    Learn to cook,purchase groceries,plan your budget
    Do some savings
    Freelance when you are unemployed
    PS- I will be moving to Hamburg Europe for 3X income and for my Scottish wedding
    Thanks Yudi keep sharing

  25. 54utkarsh 3 years ago

    You stick to the truth like always! ❤️

  26. Vishal Juvekar 3 years ago

    Hey this is really good video about other side of usa. Masters education.
    Please make video for architecture masters
    Please guide us for that and let us know the struggle of that too!

  27. Chai & Coaching 3 years ago

    THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Lovely Video Yudi. This is one every person considering coming to the US needs to watch! So many F1 international students don’t know what they are getting themselves into here in the US and it’s hard seeing many of them struggle.
    You brought up lots of great points in this video. Keep it up buddy!

  28. hasan imroze 3 years ago

    Yudi please make a video on career opportunities in VLSI domain

  29. mary impercies 3 years ago

    The first thing.. I saw in this video was the background "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" that's ambitious

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