Learn how to remember words easily with this simple but highly effective memory technique. Also try adding Quizlet to your revision tools:

I used to teach this technique of image chains to GCSE and A-Level students and if used properly it can help you to remember hundreds of keywords easily, which can help you to pass important exams with flying colours. Perfect for ielts and esl students. If you have any additional memory techniques please share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. ACES English 3 years ago

    I love your camera presence. Very polished. Keep up the great work!

  2. Ravi Prakash 3 years ago

    excellent and thank you 😊 btw how is Prince? 😍❤ love from India

  3. Salhii Fatiima 3 years ago

    Here we are imagining a story by linking events together

  4. Yousuf Y 3 years ago

    Good idea

  5. Sangar 3 years ago

    Welcome back 🙂

  6. Valentin Goglev 3 years ago

    Hello Anna, long time no see. Anyway, you look so tired in this commercial, even Quizlet didn't help you to recover {:(O)

  7. Stígr A 3 years ago

    Another great method is Memory Palace. It's similar to this one.

    I find it difficult to create stories like this one, it usually takes me more than 10 minutes, but I hear it gets easier with practice. It's a really good method though. I can remember a lot more information using techniques like this.

    I'm familiar with this method, but I had never heard of Quizlet, looks interesting.

  8. Zahra Haghbin 3 years ago

    No anna im not iranian im from great Afghanistan ! Im huge fan of urs

  9. Francesco Scopece 3 years ago

    Miss Anne Welcome to the most wonderful briteacher of all the times. Very glad to see you teaching us again. Can i say goodbye to you in my native tongue ' Ciao bella mamma '

  10. TuDor 3 years ago

    Beautiful and wise creature, thank you for the lesson, a help for me also to give information easier to my students😌

  11. Louis Brooksiefan 3 years ago

    Someday you'll tell Jacob the story of Burt, the tiny bat who got nicked for trying to teach mnemonics… ^_^

  12. samad Sadiq 3 years ago

    thank you very much,sei favolosa intelligente professoressa and sei bellissima mamma!

  13. Alexandr Padalka 3 years ago


  14. Ebrihama Konteh 3 years ago

    Thank Anna teacher s useful where is baby Jacob

  15. Ifraz No.3 3 years ago

    Hi teacher are you looking

  16. Jared Ski 3 years ago

    Fantastic, Anna. (I mean the lesson. You are fantastic too, but that's another story.) I like it very much.
    Oh, one question. Did you record it in your new house?

  17. John A 3 years ago

    Welcome back Anna. Hope baby is good too.

  18. Muhammad Yasir 3 years ago

    ich liebe dich ❤

  19. Marvellous lesson. I did know that the special plural apostrophe is used with singular number and letter ( It’s difficult to read your 8’s and c’s). Why did you write 100’s ? Love you. A

  20. John Gabbiani 3 years ago

    i do love how hoy look en red!
    Thanks for your english clases

  21. Fatima Ammiri 3 years ago

    Thank you

  22. Bright Design 3 years ago

    I really like your videos. They're very informative. Thank you!

  23. stunninglad1 3 years ago

    A physics lesson and a memory technique was what we got today. Very good it was, too. It was actually Paul Daniels that introduced me to this memory technique many years ago. It's a good one. I wonder if I can use it to memorize the order of adjectives?

    Quantity or number.
    Quality or opinion.
    Proper adjective (often nationality, place of origin, or material)
    Purpose or qualifier.

    Let's see if I can do it:

    I went to a second-hand furniture store to look for tables. What I saw made me remember the order of adjectives: I saw three lovely big third- century triangular brown Egyptian coffee tables.

    I also used the trick of remembering that something can't be lovely unless it is big; therefore ''big' has to follow 'lovely.' Another trick with the colour was to say to myself that to qualify as being a triangle, it has to be brown. I am really using the theme of the pyramids in Egypt to help navigate through the order as I ask myself where would I find brown triangles? That has to be Egypt, hence the closing order: 'triangular brown Egyptian coffee tables.'

    Have I done it? Let's see:

    three (number or quantity)
    lovely (opinion)
    big (size)
    third-century (age)
    triangular (shape)
    brown (colour)
    Egyptian (nationality, place of origin, or material)
    coffee (purpose or qualifier)

    Why coffee? Well, coffee closely describes the type of tables I saw. We could have also said: dinner tables, occasional tables or folding tables.

    I have also used triangles to help remember this order, hence the use of 'third-century' and 'three.' Triangles have three sides, so I use that to help remember the story. There are many other stories we could tell to remember this order.

  24. youyou 3 years ago

    The grammatical construction of the story is much difficult then memorizing those words.

  25. حسين Hossain 3 years ago

    I can remember the word advocate by thinking about avocado.

  26. Brahman Brahman 3 years ago

    Shouldn't it be "100s of words" instead of "100's…."?

  27. Roland Flabber 3 years ago

    Dear Anna. Thank you for this video too. I have been using this method since I was a uni student. These days my main learning the new English words are by reading history, biblical stories, and media. Occasionally cooking recipes. 🙂 All very useful.
    Well, English is very different!
    I spoke several languages, but associate the English words it's a nightmare. First to pick up if this word is a French, Latin, etc. origin and after how to read it (which is a silent letter and so on). All the stories took a long time and are confusing, a hell of a hard work for a small number of English words what I anyhow by the time if I need it somehow already evaporated from my mine. The good thing about it is that if I read some words again I can remember that I have seen it somewhere. Perhaps after thinking about it one or two hours, I would be able to guess what that mean, often very different in the particular context. I'm getting exhausted, tired and have to take a nap for half or so an hour.
    Wow! I have forgotten how to spell 'exhausted', but got it! Once I had changed the exhaust pipe on my car and saved $150 on labor.

  28. wonderland 3 years ago

  29. Anna, I'd like to say thank you very much for the work you've been doing here, you have no idea of how helpful your videos are to me.
    And coincidently I uploaded a video talking about the same subject you covered here on my channel 2 days ago lol
    I mentioned different techniques for remembering new words but never used this one. I'll try this one out, and if possible watch mines on my last video and tell what you think about it. It would mean the world to me <3

  30. Youssif KJ 3 years ago

    I love quizlet

  31. Miss Angel 3 years ago

    Cheers Anna another helpful lesson as always 👌👌👌👌💗💗💗💗

  32. Zahir Shah Khan 3 years ago

    i like your teaching method

  33. Keval Patel 3 years ago

    nice video madam.

  34. Radwa Farouk 3 years ago

    I love hour lessons because everytime you make a video you make it about one topic wich we can learn evrything about it so our mind can retain information by connect words to the topic example when you made a video about politics

  35. Radwa Farouk 3 years ago

    Thank you anna love you 😍😍😍😍

  36. Najia Azzouz 3 years ago

    Great method Anna, I love it👍👍👍

  37. Nasir Adam 3 years ago

    Good Idea! Thank you, God bless you.

  38. Celestial Torus 3 years ago

    funny video ! thank you!

  39. saurav Kumar 3 years ago

    Thanks mam

  40. Uwe Müller 3 years ago

    Nice method but I doubt it works with learning all the English vocabulary needed on an advanced level.

  41. Samia 1997 3 years ago

    It is a great method to memorize difficult words . so, I used this method in studying when i was in (bac) grade , really it is very helpful and useful way🤓
    Thanks a lot💕

  42. Hello Anna, I learn a Lot of english lenguage with your classes, thank you. Greetings from Mexico City, by an uruguayan.

  43. Victor Vape 3 years ago

    you look gorgeous today with light make-up

  44. yasser faisal 3 years ago

    really you are so nice (forward always)

  45. An Amazing Day 3 years ago

    What is This 😠😠😠its so simple words make some difficult words like acadamic

  46. oni Gonzalez 3 years ago

    Much obliged ma'am

  47. 稲葉蒼井 3 years ago

    I've watched many other videos of native speaker but I think you're the best to learn British English pronunciation because you say word per word very clear.
    I can see and try to say the english word by seeing your mouth.
    It's very clear I can't find the other one who is as clear as you.

    Opss… I hope u understand what I'm telling u about,
    I am just a beginner

  48. Sondos ahmed 3 years ago

    Hello Ann I used to watch your videos without feeling bored even the longer one, but this one i felt bored very quickly the story took a long time….. Thanks a lot for your amazing videos I'm looking forward for the next video

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