2IIM responds to your youtube comments regarding CAT preparation:

In this video we answer a question posted by Aditya and he asks: Sir Advice for mock please, how to improve scores and what not.

1. Analysing Mocks:
Find 3 questions you should have skipped in that mock.
Find 3 questions you should have answered in that mock.

2. Every DATA Point is Not useful:
If you start worrying about every data point available, then you are not looking at learning. You are still looking at the past. Learning from mocks are important, let’s say after July, after you are comfortable with most topics.

3.Fix Input metrics not Output metrics.
Focus on the exam in hand and not worry about how the score will turn out during the mock.

The first 3~4 mocks sets the pace. One learns to navigate the interface, sitting in one place for 3 hours, staying awake, and at the top of their game for a continued period of time.
Do not stop taking mocks due to bad experience once. Then it could be termed as the equivalent of not wanting to walk, because you got hurt while trying to, and still wanting to run on the D Day. Life does not work that way.

Wonderfully written quora article by Bharathwaj:

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  1. Shashank Tiwari 3 years ago

    sir i have got a year will it affect my interviews ? m getting good marks consistently in mocks..and do IIMs take students who have got year back ?

  2. mahesh konchada 3 years ago

    Hi sir can you make a video on gap years plsss

  3. himanshu dronkar 3 years ago

    sir my maths is very weak will I able to crack cat with good percentage plz reply sir

  4. Abhijeet Prashar 3 years ago

    Sir I am practicing LRDI on a regular basis but still I am not able to solve Sets in mock.
    I am scoring in between 30 to 40 in the three Mocks I have given so far. Please suggest

  5. Ankur Singh 3 years ago

    I belong to Humanities background and I am devoting almost seven to eight hours a day but unable to get more than 45 marks(15 q) total . What should i do?
    How can i reach 150 marks
    Is it impossible for me m doing everything i listen from 2IIM channel and Rajesh sir.
    Kindly help

  6. Srishti Singh 3 years ago

    Sir I don't even get to know that you are having such sessions 🙁 how to get notified

  7. Rishabh Anand 3 years ago

    Sir, as per your last advice in the video which relates to focusing on input metrics and not output metrics. I have a question.

    I'm scoring in 50s in my mocks. I have taken 3-4 mocks over a period since February. My target score is 140-150.

    Shall I straightaway aim at 150? Or should I improve my score in small increments like first score 90 then after that aim for 120 and so on.

  8. Vasu Gupta 3 years ago

    Who should do MBA and prepare for CAT, In my case i want to become entrepreneur. Don't you think a bachelors in commerce or economics is enough for me.

  9. akhil boga 3 years ago

    Hi, My RC accuracy is not crossing 60% How do I improve this? And is there any pattern to be followed while solving the Quant section?
    Please respond. Thank you.

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