How to Crack CAT 2018 in 4 Months – The Ultimate Strategy by a 100 Percentiler:
Basic concepts + advanced concepts + mocks are the key to crack CAT 2018. You need dedicated preparation coupled with the right kind of strategy. In this session, we have CAT 2016 Topper, Nilanjan Dutta who scored a 100 percentile, discussing how to prepare well to crack the CAT 2018 and be a part of the prestigious IIMs.

25.11.2018 – Yes, that is when the CAT 2018 exam would be conducted on. With exactly 4 months remaining for the exam which shall give you entry into the most coveted B-Schools of the country, are you all set with your MBA preparations? Must watch for all.

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  1. Bhaskar Rochak 3 years ago

    plz correct the subtitle. there a re lots of spelling mistakes- RC is written as Our C. etc.

  2. Madan Lal 3 years ago

    How to join your classes for di lr?

  3. crystel Priya 3 years ago

    Why you r shouting

  4. shobhit gupta 3 years ago

    Why does he shouts a lot while speaking…..

  5. santhosh vakati 3 years ago

    I love u sir

  6. Sir my name is also Nilanjan

  7. Saurabh Moharir 3 years ago

    ACCENT mat use karo, Bahut Kharab Lag raha hai. Baki Video to accha hai.

  8. Anand Punera 3 years ago

    Good work.

  9. Saurav Sahu 3 years ago

    Nothing new this time. Same content which you have previously mentioned many a times

  10. Fine Tune 3 years ago

    His narration is very queer

  11. TECH GATE 3 years ago

    Why are you shouting?

  12. ashish sharma 3 years ago

    Ye itna fake kyu h…?

  13. Himanshu Singh 3 years ago

    Very irritating

  14. saikat biswas 3 years ago

    german shepherd

  15. Sandeep Kumar 3 years ago

    Plzz make video on "How to read better & faster" by Norman Lewis huge request

  16. Antra Singh 3 years ago

    Kitna cheekh k gya ye banda 🙄

  17. Abhishek Bisht 3 years ago

    Constantly switching between indian and American accent. Bandra se hai, lagta hai.

  18. Ujjwal Jyoti 3 years ago

    Are you high on something

  19. Manish Vatsa 3 years ago

    Thank you so much sir this video is very helpful ….sir go ahead and provide us more videos on cat preparation.

  20. Rohit Rajwade 3 years ago

    Really good content ! Try not to go for the accent though, it's spoiling the experience.

  21. Rahul Kumar 3 years ago

    Thankyou everybody and Happy Learning..

  22. Rahul Kumar 3 years ago

    In Reading compressions the best strategy to crack will be to understand and get the questions right within a time frame .

  23. Niharika 3 years ago

    If you ignore the way he talks there are lot of things you can learn from him. So thank you for uploading this video!

  24. kulshekhar singh 3 years ago

    Man really you’re 100% scorer in CAT if yes than our education is going down , my advice would be please first improve your speaking skills don’t take it wrong way I felt it so writing this

  25. swapnil choudhari 3 years ago

    its great that you are a cat 100%ler and you have a lot of knowledge that you are sharing on this platform. But honestly speaking i get irritated and feel like throwing my laptop after hearing your voice tone for more than 5 mins ….so i request you to please do the following net time onwards before you make any video 1) stop shouting ,sound sensible sound easy like roman sir.
    2)stop using fake accent its really irritating ,i hate chewing gum english any ways.
    3)take enough time to eplain concept to others

    I beg u please do the needful.

  26. harsh vardhan 3 years ago

    Drop the accent next time pls

  27. harsh vardhan 3 years ago

    N dont get nervous its ur own video😒

  28. Siddhanta Panigrahi 3 years ago

    To all those people who are bitching about his accent and high pitch voice. "Jati na pucho sadhu ki puch lijiyo Gyan, mol karo talvar ka pada rehene do myan."- Santh Kabir.

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