Vocabulary is the backbone of any language. In order to improve your lexical range, you need to not only learn new words, but also how to properly use them in context and with proper syntax.

In this video, we look at some ways you can work on expanding your vocabulary base farther and more quickly. We look at where to find new words, what to do with them, how to use chunking, and which words you should focus on in terms of language tests.

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  1. Write to the Top 3 years ago

    Hi Everyone. This is the latest video from my IELTS and TOEFL pre-preparation mini-course.
    I'll continue working hard to bring you quality videos. Stay tuned.

  2. Jane Doe Bourne 3 years ago

    Finally !!! I'm the first to watch your lesson…… <3 you r da best <3….. Sorry for the bad grammar, just trolling my favorite teacher.

  3. Benefactor 3 years ago

    Video's voice is little bit dim. By the way Thank you so much. I learned a lot.💕

  4. Elbek Berdiev 3 years ago

    If something up in the air, it means that issue or plan still to be settled unresolved or with unknown resolt.
    For example:My Ielts preparation study plan is still up in the air.

  5. Elbek Berdiev 3 years ago

    God damn it but it's true it's still up in the air.

  6. Elbek Berdiev 3 years ago

    I mean "result" not "result" sorry for mistake

  7. Chris Ramos 3 years ago

    Very helpful video, tank you!

  8. pashtana Pashtana 3 years ago

    Excellent lesson and guide

  9. abhishek mishra 3 years ago

    Thanks sir, you made me interested in english . I am using betty Azar's book you told for grammar is very lucid to understand for a beginner. Are the books by Cambridge publication(Michael McCarthy & Felicity O'Dell) good for vocabulary/phrasal verb/idioms/collocations. please suggest.

  10. Mariela Christoff 3 years ago

    Thank you, buddy 🙂

  11. pashtana Pashtana 3 years ago

    How to make an excellent and meaningful example like you! Please can you help me Adam!

  12. jeevani goga 3 years ago

    Thanks for the useful video Adam,
    Up in the air = if a matter is uncertain
    in the air = it is perhaps about to happen or happening
    out of thin air = from nowhere or from nothing
    put on airs = to act in a way that shows one thinks one is better than other people
    clear the air = to remove the bad feelings between people
    on the air = being broadcast on radio or television.

  13. dileepa 3 years ago

    Thank you very much Adam …

  14. Marco Aurelio A. 3 years ago

    Turn up the volume Adam!

  15. Leonrique Pereira 3 years ago

    The volume is a little bit low, but great video as always.

  16. Stephen John 3 years ago

    Great lesson Adam!
    Turn up (phrasal verb)
    Adam must turn the volume up while recording his videos.

  17. هادي مياح 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for this useful lesson have a nice day .

  18. Philippe Djientcheu 3 years ago

    Another big THANK for this informative video lesson, I have one question though, can we use these expressions for the IELTS Writing task 2? I want to try on my own using those expressions / the program was on air on the radio when they said the country's economic outlook was up in the air and then the investors could not come up with £ 1 million out of thin air to restore the nation. How does that sound ?

  19. samah shohdy 3 years ago

    thanks for this interesting lesson. could you please write the definition of a word ( mynoot ) because I did not understand it and I make a research about it and found nothing. thanks in advance

  20. beedoo mnmn 3 years ago

    Thanks 🙏

  21. Md Zakir 3 years ago

    Please make a video on using perfect and prefect progressive infinitive usage.

  22. Abhilash Thomas 3 years ago

    Turn up volume please, can't able to hear

  23. A. E. 3 years ago

    nice lesson, dim sound:)

  24. ameer ameerz 3 years ago

    does there a different​ from vocab chunks and vocab notebook the other forms

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