Hello guys, in this video I have shared 5 reasons why H1B is getting tough everyday.


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  1. bhavya mendiratta 3 years ago

    What is ur backup plan?

  2. Harshit Mehta 3 years ago

    awsome video

  3. PAGAL PLANET 3 years ago

    Nice video

  4. Lucifer 3 years ago

    Now, do you regret going to USA brother?

  5. Pankaj ji 3 years ago

    Donald Trump can be the next PM of india bcz we do not have any knowledgeable person in 1.25B

  6. Aaryan patel 3 years ago

    I am coming to USA for undergraduate… does this increase my chances of getting job as compared to students who did masters in usa ? Given that I do both undergraduate and masters in USA…..

  7. Aaryan patel 3 years ago

    Please do a video on back up options in case USA doesn’t work…. and also what is value of US degree in other countries like Canada india Uk etc……

  8. Jagadish Nanabala 3 years ago

    Still many Indians are going to USA

  9. jijo mathew 3 years ago

    Let new government come in India in 2019, All will change. Christians and Muslims are getting attacked by modi government. #giving back

  10. chaitanya183 3 years ago

    Europaman comments will come on this page

  11. nagaraj subramanian 3 years ago

    Get stuffed filthy pu jabis are not wanted. They are born scum

  12. michael morrison 3 years ago

    Good, American jobs for Americans.

    How would Indians react if Americans went to India to take the jobs.

    We all know they would riot.

  13. michael morrison 3 years ago

    Go back to India. Make India Great like my for fathers did in America. Good luck to you.

  14. RamkyR 3 years ago

    lot of rejections……don't waste money for visa…better to work at your hometown…agriculture is better.

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