Arithmetic Word Problem | HCF Word Problems | 650 to 700 Level Quant Practice | GMAT Number Properties Practice #4 | GMAT Online Coaching

Step 1: Identifying whether to use LCM or HCF to solve this word problem.

There are 147 pens, 441 pencils and 784 chocolates in a gift hamper, all of which are distributed.

a) What is the maximum number of students who can receive pens, pencils and chocolates as gift such that if a student gets ‘x’ pens, then all students get ‘x’ pens and if a student gets ‘y’ pencils then all students get ‘y’ pencils and so on?

b) How many more chocolates did each student get than the number of pencils he got?

On analysing the question, we find out that the HCF of the three numbers would be the maximum number of students that can satisfy the condition given in the question.

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