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  1. Study IQ education 2 years ago

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  2. Defending Truth 2 years ago

    Plz UP Bihar k logon ko mat bagao unko humari bahu betiyon ka rape karne do.

  3. auril k 2 years ago

    Elections are close so they want to fool Gujaratis

  4. Study8080HTTP Zone 2 years ago

    bhakt abhi bhi khenge ,modi bhut accha h

  5. Anshul Shrivastava 2 years ago

    Trump wants Indians to go back to their home so that jobs are created for native public. Australia,Britain,Russia also making rules so that immigrants leave there countries. Now each state will follow this type of rule are jobs become less and less for public of any state. Next thing rapist should be hanged irrespective of thinking to which state he belongs. It is just failure of government to provide saftey to women and rupani ji is covering his mistakes by making foolish decisions.

  6. SUMIT RANJAN Maiti 2 years ago

    Protectionism is very bad for the growth of any country or state……in recent years countries like USA is also supporting the protectionism policies and now few states of India is also trying to apply these kinds of policies.But they don't understand that it can save them from present problems but these policies are going to hurt them in future. Our prime minister is also against that …..but state like Gujrat , they just want to tackle unemployment through reservation policies. we are people of one country …though language is a barrier amongst the states , we are unity in diversity… you are the highest youth population in the world ….and there are few jobs created every years in the country in respect to job seeking people , unemployment is hitting us badly….but this type of policy is not the right way to tackle the situation .We have to create more and more industries , we should encourage start ups , we should seriously implement the make in India policy ……these are the different ways to go right now…not the one like the decision by Gujrat CM.

  7. Mahendra Purty 2 years ago


  8. Aloke Ghosh 2 years ago

    This is threat to national integration .

  9. That's Amazing 2 years ago

    Gajab ki baat hai ki kendra me bhi bjp aur baaki tino state (goa maharashtra and gujarat) me bhi
    Ye yahi saabit karta hai ki jb ham ek aisi party ko chun lo jiska koi vision nahi ho wo aapko bhi aapke vision se hata dega

  10. Vikash Singh 2 years ago

    ha ha jaldi karo Bhai , jisse jaldi barbad hu Gujarat ki industry . other states ko aage badne ka mauka milega .

  11. Mahesh Sharma 2 years ago

    Either none or all state governments should follow this. Because those stated which are not mandating this type of policy will be in loss in terms of local job hiring and if all state governments follow the suit,concept of national integration will be jeopardized.

  12. milind naik 2 years ago

    Bihar aur Up aise 2 state he jo hamesha is pure desh ko piche le jane me aage rehte he… Sirf population ka example lelo

  13. Sunil Tiwari 2 years ago

    80 percent local reservation! Is reservation in any form above 50 percent unconstitutional ? Gujarati people do not prefer doing any govt service rather they go after buisness.

  14. Knight Owl 2 years ago

    In one way it is for the best. Companies recruit labour from far different places, they don't even provide basic facilities to those workers. We know Labour don't easily get any house for rent and it is even hard when they don't belong to that region. This 80% policy will improve the quality of Labours life. An educated and civilised person working in foreign land is different to the case of an poorly educated and poorly civilized person working in distant land.

  15. Ali Akhter 2 years ago

    thank you very much sir. …

  16. HOUSE OF FUN 2 years ago

    Ye Gujarat k government jobs me bhi ho jae to achha he Gujarat k ek bhi gov job pe Gujarati nhi he sab dusre state k h. Jese jese bahari abadi badh rahi he Gujarat me wese wese crime rate bhi badh raha he. We want atleast one safe liveable state for our women…

  17. PARTH RAMI 2 years ago

    thank sir

  18. bhavesh rana 2 years ago

    I am gujarati and i think this is good for us. Because many times we saw in news paper that over 85% of got only 3stats rajasthan,u.p,and bihar.and think about jo aapn ne aapda stat maj job nathi malti to bije kya malse?

  19. survival in Indian 2 years ago

    India me pehle to population control karna chahiye. Nahi to next generation ko bahut jhelna padega.

  20. manoj gupta 2 years ago

    In my opinion, if it is done as than INDIA will be divided into many New country……..and we will be lost Integrity & unity's…. Of India. …. Protest against this……. The concept of Sardal Ballabh Bhai Patel .. will be …. destroyed.

  21. Chandan Bharti 2 years ago

    No, it not happen in any state , because we live in democratic country there is right to work ,right to speak nd others right r there so I totally against the this rule…Nd thanku so much sir for this video

  22. laxman dangi 2 years ago

    Speaking quality bad

  23. santosh r 2 years ago

    Why are we seeing these problems even today after 70 yrs of independence ?
    Digg deeper and we come to the conclusion, that India is 'NOT a NATION'. No matter how much we wanna believe, but its not and it cant become one; and forcing integration will just inflate the resentment in people. This is precisely what Trump is going through. And this is exactly what is going to happen to India. Until there is an aggression from outside we Indians always love to have a "STATE-COUNTRY" where a Gujju does not want a Bihari or a Tamil does not want anybody else. This geographical region has never been and would never be integrated under one banner, because there is no single thing which is common to all the people of the sub-continent. May be all of this sounds very harsh, but we can come to the conclusion that 'EXTERNAL-AGGRESSION' is the only reason/banner under which we have been one. This is not a static thing and chances are its gonna go away soon 🙂 cheers

  24. story teller 2 years ago

    Only biharis and uttar pradeshs would have problem with this as they are the one who migrate to other states

  25. Darth Vader 2 years ago

    I insist every Indian to watch your video.

  26. Radha Krishna 2 years ago

    Sarkari data kab sala correct hota hai

  27. bhrtiba chudasama 2 years ago

    ooo bhai tum pata nahi ye kaha se news laye ki yaha ke 92 percentage logo ko job milti he. Yaha pe 75 to 80 percentage bahar ke log kam karte he. jo log vaha se kam karke aaye he usse hi puch lena ya fir ek bar aake dekh lena par esi galat news mat dikhav plz. Aapka utube channel khafi log dekhte he or uske par trust karte. yaha bahar se 2.69 carore log rojgar ke liye aaye he according to zee news, aajtak and india tv. so ye log yaha koi ghumne ke liye nahi aaye. akele surat or Ahmedabad bad me 40 lakh log bahar se rojgar ke liye aaye he. ye log to workers ya supervisor he but company me engineer me bhi pure out of state ke log bhare he. agar yakin nahi he to khud aake dekh lo

  28. Get Thrilled 2 years ago

    Govt मौजूदा buisnees facilty और infrastructure और पालिसी को सही लागु नही करती है,इसलिए ऐसी चीज़े करती है।हम आम लोग बेवकूफो की तरह एक दूसरे से क्यों लड़ते,हमे govt की लापरवाही पर सवाल पूछना चाहिए,तभी हम सभी का विकास होगा,बेवकूफ नही समझदार बने,हर आम आदमी को बोलने दे,अगर govt सही होगी तो खुद साबुत देगी।और जब नही होती है तो हम लोगो को गुमराह कर ढल बनाके हमरा उसे हम लोगो के ही अपने के खिलाफ करती है।समझदार बने ,बेवकूफ नही,और analysis करना सीखें।और नफरत करने से अच्छा चीज़ों को अपने दिमाग का use कर analysis करना सीखें,सच का तभी सही पता चलेगा,दूसरे के दिमाग का use क्र कभी सच्चाई तक नही पहुच सकते।

  29. ravindra salunkhe 2 years ago

    The case with immigrants is that when they come to developed states they come alone leaving behind their families so it doesn't cost much to them. So they can work for far less salary. But the case is not same with natives, natives have to feed their families in costly cities so require high wages.
    The other point is that what about the cultural loss of states. The migrants destroy the culture, ruin the native language. Many states in India have their own glorious histories, beautiful languages which are a way ahead of Hindi in literature. Migrants insist others talk to them in Hindi. Why should natives talk in Hindi instead of their superior language? They don't respect our mother tongue. The cultural loss inflicted on native people cant be reversed.

  30. ravindra salunkhe 2 years ago

    UP & Bihari people always shift blame of their failure on someone else. How modi is responsible for this?? first it was started by congress MLA. Second, it is state government issue, and Modi is in centre. Better they should kick their own politicians out. Bihar and UP has highest share of central government jobs. Many IITians, civil servants are from Bihar. Have they even asked if such talented people are there in UP and Bihar then why is it underdeveloped? Why dont these officers contribute towards development of their own states? The blame lies on these people also. they dont want to take on the politicians. they fear to stand against inefficient and corrupt politician. they vote for them. they dont have that courage and they find the easy way out, migration. And rather than asking question to their own politicians for such a humiliating treatment in other states they are shielding them and talking about throwing Modi out of power. Unlike other states, UP and Bihar have benefited from the natures gift. they have perennial rivers, good soil, cheap labour, good climate for agriculture, and above all many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages. In all the IT parks in India nearly 30% are north indians, most of them are from UP, cant you even build IT parks there? I hope you got my point. Introspect brother……..

  31. Rohan Tiwari 2 years ago

    brbaad krega aadmi gujrat ko..

  32. RAHUL ANAND 2 years ago

    If this rule will implement in Gujarat then we should boycott the products which are manufacturing in Gujarat and use only own State manufactured products and instead of Gujarat all state should become unite and make a rule that in any state or public sector jobs gujrati are not allowed.

  33. Pata Nhi Haryana Mein Kab Hoga

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