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Most of you guys know that there are about 3500 GRE words to be learnt.
Do you actually know where you are going to use these GRE words?
It’s simple. In all the three sections.
How?Let me explain.
Reading Comprehension
It is no secret that the RC passages are scholarly, long and boring.
Some of these passages have GRE words embedded between the sentences. Like this one.
Did you know the meaning of all the highlighted words?
So if you don’t know the meaning of these words, expert advice: Start Praying.

Now moving on to the others Moving to Text completion & Sentence Equivalence
Text Completion is pretty much like your regular “Fill in the blanks”
You’ll have to choose the appropriate GRE words and complete the sentences
Imagine if you know the meaning of the choices you can guess the synonyms and antonyms and complete the whole thing in a jiffy.

How many GRE words should I learn for a 320+ score?
The entire 3500 GRE words?
A 2000 GRE words?
500 GRE words, perhaps?
Well, you never know.
You need exact data to prove, and that is exactly what you will be getting!
Here is the graph with data collected from over 400+ students who have scored a 160+ in their Verbal.
As you can see all of them have learnt only about 1000 GRE words and mastered only 500 GRE words, on an average.
You might be tempted to ask about the difference between learnt GRE words and mastered GRE words.
Learnt is when you know the meaning of the GRE word and its usage.
But is it actually that simple?
To be honest, No.
Every GRE test taker has troubles with GRE words that can be shortlisted into two major problems in GRE words
Complicated GRE words & Remembering GRE words.

GRE words are not something that we use in our daily vocabulary, maybe in Shashi Tharoor’s.
This makes reading the GRE words and using them in your daily a lot more difficult.

Now the remembering part of GRE words
An average person can only read about 7-8 new GRE words a day on a normal basis and push it to over 25+ GRE words/day if you are an aggressive planner.

When you are planning for your GRE, you will have to learn at least 40 – 50 GRE words / day. No Newtonian mathematics involved.

Well, actually there are about 3 techniques that can take of the GRE words that are looming over your target score.

Technique 1:
Learning & application
Let’s assume that learning a new GRE word is as meeting a new person.
Would you consider the person as your friend if you only know his name and where he is from?
That is the same with the GRE word.
If you only read the GRE words without learning it’s usage, you are bound to forget it.

you have just upgraded your relationship with the GRE word, from stranger to acquaintance.

But if you get so comfortable with the GRE word that you can use in your speech and writing, that is when you have finally mastering the GRE word.
Then again, how can you constantly check your relationship with your GRE words? By learning and testing at regular intervals. Here is something that can help you with that!

Technique 2:
Visual Learning

What if someone told you that you can actually learn about 60 GRE words in 60 minutes?
Judge him?
But quite honestly, you can.
That brings us to the next in line, the Visual GRE words learning technique.

What is it?
Visual Learning is memory enhancement taking that relates a particular concept to a visual element. Like associating the GRE word bright to the Sun.
This helps you not learn complicated words faster.

Visual memory has a massive storage capacity for object details. It is 60% more powerful than rote learning.
How can you use it for GRE words Learning?
Lemme show you rather than telling you.
What does this picture remind you of?

The next technique is a classic old school technique that helps you read GRE words in bulk.

Technique 3:
Root Word Technique
This Word Learning Technique involves a lot to do with the structure of the GRE words. In this technique you will have to split the GRE words and identify the roots. In fact, you can even go as far as to say this technique is the Verbal counterpart of permutations and combinations
Kinda easy right?
So three techniques down, 1000+ GRE words to go.
Are you game?
You’ll find answers to following questions from this video:-
How many GRE words should you learn to score 160+ in GRE Verbal?
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Techniques to master gre vocabulary
Gre vocabulary tips and techniques to score good in gre verbal
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