GRE VERBAL: Expert tips to score 160+ in GRE Verbal.
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Is it easy to score a 160+ in GRE Verbal? How much time will I need to prepare for a 160+ in GRE verbal? What topics should I prioritize in GRE Verbal?
Are these some of the questions running through your mind? Expert answers
Did you know that among the GRE test takers from India in 2016-2017,
the average score in GRE Verbal is only 145.5 which is the 27% percentile score.
But, scoring a 160+ in GRE Verbal puts you in the 84th percentile or the TOP 16% of the world’s GRE test takers! Imagine that on your university application!
2)What does the GRE Verbal section contain? The GRE Verbal section of the GRE tests your Verbal reasoning skills in the form of three main types of questions:Text Completion,Sentence Equivalence,Reading Comprehension! Sounds simple enough? Now, at the heart of GRE Verbal lies another important topic that you should master i.e GRE Vocabulary. Though you’ll never be directly tested on these words, there are more than 3000 special words that appear in GRE Verbal questions AND answer choices, called the GRE words. Knowing their meaning & context of application is essential to cracking the right answer & scoring high in GRE Verbal.Great, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the most basic question about GRE Verbal.
Now, let’s take a look at how 160+in GRE verbal scorers allocate time for GRE Verbal! From a random sample of more than 300 160+ GRE Verbal scorers at GREedge, we analysed the preparation time from Day 1 to Day Exam.
While most 160+ in GRE verbal scorers spend at least 45 days on average preparing for GRE, a closer look at the 145-150 range shows that students spend almost 2 months in preparation!To know exactly where you stand & how much time you should allocate for preparation, check out our GRE Score Predictor in the description below that can help you identify it in minutes!Alright, let’s now look at the specific sections in GRE Verbal.
#1: GRE Verbal Strategies For GRE WORDS for 160+ in GRE verbal
Learning concepts in TC, SE & RC is one thing, but what ties it altogether is your sound knowledge of GRE words. Most 160+ in GRE verbal scorers spend ample time, not just ‘seeing’ GRE words which is only looking at the meaning & usage of the word but also in ‘mastering’ GRE words which includes taking practice tests & regular revision. If you’re targeting a 160+ in GRE Verbal & you’re currently in the 145 range in your diagnostic score, Just take a look at the volume of words mastered by students who scored less than 145 on their diagnostic test score, but achieved a 160+ in the actual GRE verbal!
[On average, mastering a whopping 1800+ GRE words helped all of them achieve their target score!]If you’re just starting your GRE preparation and you’re finding it difficult to learn & remember GRE words, then check the description below for the FREE GREedge WordBot app that helps you build your vocabulary through memorable picture clues! We’re sure you’ll never go back to learning GRE words any other way!
It! #3: GRE Verbal Strategies For Reading ComprehensionAsk any GRE aspirant, what’s the one section that they are worried about, and the answer is always GRE RC.This is especially amplified by the fact that GRE RC forms 50% of the GRE Verbal section.So, what’s the key to cracking this particular question in GRE Verbal?Well, most GRE aspirants tend to think it’s just more practice. But here’s some data that tells a different story.As you can see, when it comes to GRE RC, cracking the right answer is not just about practicing concepts but also about learning how to read a passage & what to interpret from it.Or, you can check out the our FREE eBook called “How To Crack Tough RC Passages” with techniques from our expert personal trainers as well as solved examples in the description below!We hope you have better clarity about how to proceed with scoring a 160+ in GRE Verbal!If you liked this video, please click the ‘subscribe’ button to follow our page & see more such videos!If you are worried about any aspect of GRE, including difficulties you may have while scoring a 320+, do comment below and we’ll reply with a solution from our experts!
In this video, you can get to know answers to
1) How to score 160+ in GRE Verbal?
2) Tips for a good score in GRE verbal
3) Complete GRE verbal preparation
4) How to score good in GRE Reading comprehension (GRE RC)
5) How to learn GRE words?
6) How to remember GRE words?
7) How many words should be remembered for GRE to score 160+ in Verbal

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    1) Download Ultimate Guide to Crack GRE Verbal
    2) Download "How to crack tough RCs" eBOOK here
    3) Predict your GRE verbal score here-
    4) Checkout Wordbot app to learn GRE words here-

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