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First things first,
What should your target GRE score ideally be if you’re looking to prepare for your GRE in under 2 weeks!
To find the answer to this, we analyzed data of close to 800 GRE students who prepared for their GRE from scratch in exactly that much time.

This is what we found!Here, we can see that a WHOPPING 54% achieve a GRE score greater than 310!

Now that we know that 54% of students who prepare for under 2 weeks FOR GRE score a 310 and above, what should YOUR target GRE score be?
For that, we recommend that you take a GRE diagnostic test.

A GRE diagnostic test measures how well prepared you are for your target GRE score by correctly assessing your strengths and weaknesses along with how much time it takes you to solve each question!

Based on your GRE diagnostic test score, it’ll be easier for you to determine what GRE score to target.
Students who prepare for their GRE in under 2 weeks generally fall in these diagnostic score ranges – and these are their obtained GRE scores!

Want to find out what your GRE diagnostic test score would be?

To sum things up, an increase of around 8 points from your GRE diagnostic test score is generally an achievable GRE target, even for all you last-minute GRE warriors out there!

But, how do you get it done?
What’s the GRE strategy you need to follow for an 8 point GRE score boost in under 2 weeks?
For GRE starters – prioritize!


Often, the key to scoring high on the GRE lies in mastering the GRE verbal section.

This is because Indian GRE students already have an edge over the competition when it comes to GRE Quant but fall behind on the GRE Verbal and GRE AWA sections.
Let’s now take a birds’ eye view at average GRE score breakdown of Indian students compared to some other countries with a high number of GRE takers who prepare for gre

It’s pretty clear that we have our work cut out and building on our gre Verbal skills is an important part of that!

With just 2 weeks to prepare for your GRE, it’s obvious that you’ll need to prioritize topics based on the gre scores they are likely to yield.

High yield topics are those with a high number of questions coming from them on the test!
Let’s now take a look at the representation of each topic on the GRE,
starting with the gre Verbal section:
In a section of 20 questions, you’ll find 6 questions from gre TC, 4 questions from SE & a whopping 10 questions from gre RC!:

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  32. GRE Preparation:How to crack GRE Exam in 14 Days || [2018] GRE Preparation decoded || LWD
    1) Download "How to crack tough RCs" eBOOK here-
    2) Download High Priority GRE Words Now-

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