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Today’s video talks about 4 GRE words:
Watch the video to learn synonyms, antonyms, and understand the difference between both these words.

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  1. GREKing 7 months ago

    Use the words Adroit, Gauche, Sinister and Maladroit in a sentence and comment below!

  2. himani agarwal 7 months ago

    I feel that watching these regular videos of your channel will make me become adroit from a maladroit.

  3. Ali Raja 7 months ago

    Its not easy to be a gre adroit.

  4. Raghav Dua 7 months ago

    All the people who are not following the rules of lockdown can be called as sinisters.

  5. Rajlaxmi Sahu 7 months ago

    Adroit -The child was an harminustics in an early age .
    Maladroit- A maladroit movement of her hand cause the car to swerve.
    Gauche- We 're all a bit gauche when we are childhood .
    Sinister- Can't be trust/beleive the sinister looking people .

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