PrepScholar GRE:

The quiz is 20 questions long, at a range of difficulties and encompassing a variety of skills. All of the questions are taken from the PrepScholar GRE online program and are based on in-depth research on hundreds of real GRE questions. Each Verbal question will be on the screen for 1 minute 30 seconds and each Quant question will be on the screen for 1 minute 45 seconds, the average length of time per question for each section. If you want to vary the time per question like you would on the real exam, you can time the entire quiz for 32 minutes and 30 seconds and use the timestamps in the description to switch between questions. After the quiz, you can check you answers and get an estimate of where your score would fall on a real GRE exam.

Quiz answers:

How’d you do? Estimate your GRE score:

10 correct: 168-170
9 correct: 163-168
8 correct: 158-163
7 correct: 153-158
6 correct: 148-153
5 correct: 141-148
4 correct: 137-141
3 correct: 134-137
2 correct: 132-134
1 correct: 130-132
0 correct: 130

10 correct: 170
9 correct: 166-170
8 correct: 163-166
7 correct: 159-163
6 correct: 155-159
5 correct: 150-155
4 correct: 142-150
3 correct: 139-142
2 correct: 135-139
1 correct: 131-135
0 correct: 130-131


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