GMAT Statistics & Averages Practice Question #1
A conceptually easy weighted average question.

Learning outcome from this question
1. How to calculate with ease when you to find the weighted average of large numbers without using a calculator?
2. Discussion of two properties of average of set of numbers
a. What happens to the average of a set of numbers if a constant ‘k’ is added to or subtracted from each element in the set?
b. What happens to the average of a set of numbers is a constant k is multiplied to or if a k divides each element in the set?

The average salary of a graduating class of 30 students is $8420 per month and that of another class comprising 20 students is $8438 per month. What is the average monthly salary of the students of the two classes taken together?

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  1. Harsh Sachdev 3 years ago

    Thanks for uploading these videos. Would you also be uploading median, mode & std deviation? God bless

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