s Block Elements

My Courses at Unacademy are:

1. 39 Years’ IIT problems Solved in Chemical Bonding
2. 33 Years’ IIT problems Solved in States of matter
3. 33 Years’ IIT problems Solved in Atomic Structure
4. Class 11 – Periodic properties and Classification for JEE/NEET
5. Class 11 – Atomic Structure for JEE/NEET
6. Class 12 – Solid State for JEE/NEET
7. Class 12 – Alkyl & Aryl halides for JEE/NEET
8. NEET 2018 Chemistry paper solution and Analysis
9. Crash Course – Organic Chemistry for JEE/NEET/AIIMS
10. Crash Course – Physical Chemistry
11. Class 11 – Mole Concept for JEE/NEET
12. Important Named Reactions for JEE/NEET/AIIMS
13. Solutions & Colligative Properties for JEE/NEET/AIIMS
14. Chemical Bonding for JEE/NEET/AIIMS
15. Class 11 – Redox reactions for JEE/NEET
16. Class 12 – Alcohols, phenols & Ethers
17. (Hindi) JEE MAIN 2018 Chemistry – Analysis and Detailed Solutions
18. (Hindi) Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids – 39 Years IIT Solutions: IIT JEE
19. Thermodynamics – Concepts and Problems Practice for IIT/NEET
20. 100 Most Important MCQ: Pre-Medical (NEET and AIIMS)


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  1. CANVAS classes 3 years ago

    Don't forget to give rating and reviews on Unacademy Courses

  2. Sajan Kumar 3 years ago

    Sir Ap suru karo apko full support milegi .
    Because you are the best Sir in the whole world 😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Parth Vishnu 3 years ago

    Sir, thank you for not changing the style of presentation …..

  4. Parth Vishnu 3 years ago

    Sir, chemical equilibrium too is a bit needy chapter and Sir your rating will always be 5 star..

  5. MAYANK ASWAL 3 years ago

    Love you Sir, your videos are far better than lakh rupees coaching ..
    Sir inorganic jaldi se complete krne k baad organic k chote chapter biomolecule or polymer pe bhi video bnana …
    Thankyou 😊 😊

  6. ALL IN ONE 3 years ago

    App ka mother Mandi ma padata h boy school pa

  7. Tanu Patil 3 years ago

    Where r u sir

  8. Awaken -U 3 years ago

    Sir i love your teaching way please sir teach …….. sir Aap k pass time na ho too sir please quick review leactures upload kar do please class12 k please sir

  9. Saumya Singh 3 years ago

    Sir please help us in our board exam preparation please help us

  10. Mohd kaif Kaif 3 years ago

    Sir why you leave macro vision academy

  11. Sir you said u would provide entire chemistry…it means we don't need to purchase videos,do we?
    pls sir reply soon…

  12. Akshat Bhardwaj 3 years ago

    @CANVAS classes Sir can you make videos on jee problems of jan session

  13. arvind malasi 3 years ago

    What about Vidyakul? Will you make videos for Vidyakul?

  14. Rohit kumar 3 years ago

    Sir youtube me bi koi crash course start kro inorganic ke liye
    Unacademy boht hang krta h

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