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    1. What makes tsunamis extremely dangerous is that they are not easily detected in deep seas. Only when they approach shallow sea floor near the coast do they gain enormous height, and the resulting huge run up of sea water causes tremendous damage.
    2. Tsunamis are barely visible in deep sea as their wavelength and the period between two successive waves is extremely long. They gain speed and height as they approach coastal areas and, thus, cause tremendous damage.
    3. Tsunamis are different from other waves and from tides. The rise in water level is sudden and substantial. Tsunami also does not give us any forewarning as it is not easily detected in deep sea because of low speed and height of crest.
    4. Tsunamis have extremely long wavelength due to which they are easily detected in deep sea. However, when they approach shallow waters they gain in destructive power because of their height and speed. The run up causes severe damage on land.
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