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    World of Warcraft makes the Ignore function account-wide in patch 9.1.5

    So let’s say you ignore someone on World of Warcraft with the poetic name of Clownfart. This is probably a sensible reaction just to the name chosen for the character, but Clownfart was actually being an annoying troll so you doubly didn’t want to hear from him. Undaunted, Clownfart logged over to his alt, Clownorgan, and began doing the same things that made you ignore him the first time. As you add another name to your ignore list, you turn to the camera like you’re on an infomercial and exclaim, “There’s got to be a better way!” And there is in patch 9.1.5, when the ignore function will be account-wide.To get more news about <b>buy gold wow classic</b>, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    The functional upshot is that ignoring Clownfart will ignore the player rather than just the character, meaning that the results will be the same for Clownfart, Clownorgan, Clowntrash, and any number of other clown-based names. You will no longer see chat from the player, be matched with said player in the group finder, or otherwise interact with the clown army in any fashion. Well, unless your buddy Trab wants to show off his main character, Clownfart.

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