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    Why should we not do with the middle-class as we have done with the aristocratic class? That is, find in it some representative men who may stand for the virtuous mean of this class, for the perfection of its present qualities and mode of being, and also for the excess of them. Such men must clearly not be men of genius; for, as I have formerly said, so far as a man has genius he tends to take himself out of the category of class altogether, and to become simply a man. Any person of an average intelligence would, perhaps, be more to the purpose; he would sum up very well in himself, without disturbing influences, the general liberal force of the middle-class, the force by which it has done its great works of free-trade, parliamentary reform, voluntarism, and so on, and the spirit in which it has done them.

    What is the main idea conveyed by the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Middle-class should also be represented by a man of medium intelligence as is done in the case of the aristocratic class.
    2. The representatives of any class of men should not be geniuses because they tend to separate themselves from the masses.
    3. There is a need to find representative men who can represent the virtuous mean of that class.
    4. Anybody who is of average intelligence can be the best representative of the class.
    5. A man with average intelligence would best represent the values of the middle class.
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