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     Abhinav Tiwari 
    Rank: M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering

    Which programming language can I learn in 1 month???

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     Anirudh Jitani 
    Rank: Full Form of SRM Chennai

    If you know C, you can learn any programming language in 1 month. If you are new to the field, then I would suggest to start with C as the same concepts would be used in almost all the programming languages.

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     Piyush Rai 
    Rank: Thermal Engineering by PL Ballaney

    Hey Abhinav, as Anirudh suggested C is good to start with. But if you want to learn something really quick, then Python is the best. Python also requires less code to complete basic tasks, making it an economical language to learn. Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++.

    And infact you can get started right away from: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/

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    The basic is C language and it is damn easy..And all the above that which is c++ and java would become easier after you are done with C..So just go for it..

    If you have any problem regarding the coaching which you should go for..Then just take online classes..That would be like enough for you..


    Learn the language from here..This is an amazing platform to begin with..Also you can learn other courses from here..

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     Olivia Das 
    Rank: Is Interior Designing a Good Career Option

    Java is the easiest language amongst others!

    Now coming to your question. You can learn any language in one month, if you are under the right guidance!

    But, JAVA is mostly used nowadays so go for it (my suggestion)!

    Thank you

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