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    Hi Reyma,

    I can understand your situation and will try to convey a perfect advice to you.

    One of the worst things that can happen to a person is working for something that you have no passion for. So, choosing a subject after 10th grade is going to be a major factor in the way your career will turn out to be. With the recent craze for engineering and medicine, the competition in the field is tough and finding a career in those fields has become really tough and has become less lucrative in general. Even though people might insist on science, you should choose a subject that you actually like.

    No subject is better than other, all are equally good, the difference is in the performance of the individuals. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. I believe you can do anything, anyone can do anything, just go fir whatever you feel right. Your life is not for regretting these crucial decisions.

    Hope you get my point here.

    All the best!

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     Matthew Wolf 

    I am preparing for my board exams and I feel continuously hoarded with advice on choosing medicine or engineering as a career by relatives. I am unsure if that is really what’s best for me. How can I decide which course is the best for me after 10th class?

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    Hi Reyma,

    When it comes to taking a profession, you shouldn’t just take a field because someone else told or forced you to. It is better to take advice but don’t start studying medicine just because someone told you to do so or you are good in science subjects. In today’s world, it is great if you have actual passion for medicine because you can share your knowledge online using YouTube and earn tons of money and fame. But you must have passion for the same. Because you need to realize that you have to spend lots of money, probably in lakhs, to study the same from any college or institute. Hence, you can’t change your field later in life. Even if you are good in science and you have lot of other options in this field. You can become scientific journalist, research expert, technical writer, and many other options are available.

    I can suggest you one popular course which can help you in whatever field you choose in your life. The course is digital marketing course. With this course, you will learn to create your own website, do marketing, designing, and learn simple tricks to earn money.

    Hope you will find your passion for the field you choose.

    Keep learning!

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    Hi Reyma,

    This is a phase that comes in every person’s life. I would suggest you to discover your area’s of interest,the things which you like to do and you would like to take it up as you grow up.

    Will not keep it long.

    Just one thing I want you to understand is,do what your heart says,do what you want to do and see yourself 5 years down the line.Instead of doing what other tell you to do. If you dont do what you like you will end up regretting later in life.

    It’s always good to take suggestions,but it is not good if someone else takes a decision which can change your life drastically.

    All the best :]

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    Hey Reyma

    I, myself, have passed through this dilemma between medical and engineering. Although I have keen interest in engineering So, I opt it. I am in engineering college  and I have seen many students who had selected this field and don’t have interest in it.They , somewhere deep inside their heart ,  repent on their decisions. Once they had their dream and had time to pursue it, but now they had lost all those opportunities.  You are only in 10th std and you have your own time. Don’t listen others. No one will look after you after 5 or 10 years. Only you and your decision will be with you.If you think you can do better in other field apart from medical and engineering then Go Ahead. Identify your strengths and weakness, your passion, your dream and focus towards it. If you are passionate about it then your parents will definitely support you. At least try  to make them understand and find right steps towards your dream.

    Follow your heart and focused towards it.

    All the best..

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    There is all that interest following but in case you need more time to make up your mind between engineering and medicine, after 10th, choose the group that offers PCMB and study that well. Meanwhile you can identify your area of interest and start preparing in that direction. This group allows you to pick engineering since there’s Physics, Chemistry and Maths while there’s also the option of Medicine since you will have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in your curriculum. Boards of repute like CBSE and ISC offer this board.

    Hope this helps.

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