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     Matthew Wolf 

    Hello, I am currently in my 12th standard. I will be taking my board exams soon after which I intend to take a year off to thoroughly prepare for the engineering entrance exams. It has been my dream to study in an IIT. I am confident that a good coaching class will aid me in my preparation. I am a student in Hyderabad but I am willing to shift for preparing.  Which is the best coaching class in India?

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    Hello Harishkar, does have an impact on a student’s life and it also requires your attention and preparation. The best institutes for IIT-JEE preparation are Resonance, FIITJEE, Allen-Kota, Sri Chaitanya Academy in Hyderabad and Narayana IIT-JEE Academy. Do also have a check on the schooling facilities there as it is also important.

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     Tanya Nigam 

    Hi Harishkar,

    It’s very good to dream for an IIT college. Though it’s not easy to get into one. One requires a lot of hardwork and smart studying.

    Coaching plays an essential role as it can provide the right materials and notes though at the end it’s your personal hardwork that matters.

    No coaching will give you all the wisdom if you don’t come forward yourself and ask your doubts and do self study.

    However here are the list of institues that provides beat courses and notes for JEE examination preparation-

    1. Vibrant Academy

    2. Resonance

    3. FIITJEE, Delhi

    4. Allen Career Institute (Kota)

    5. Akash Institute


    7. Bansal Classes

    I hope you find the right coaching here, get the details for these coachings on google.

    Remember at the end self study and hardwork along with the proper guidance that matters.


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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Harishkar,

    It’s great that you’re so determined to get into an IIT. If you’re doing engineering, might as well go to the best university that there is, right?

    Check out this extensive article on the various coaching centers that have delivered to students, what they needed to excel at these exams. But most times this is just the extra push. Preparing for these exams takes a lot of hard work and dedication, it all boils down to you.

    All the best for your upcoming exams!

    I hope you make it to your dream college.

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