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     Matthew Wolf 

    Hello, I am going to do my Engineering next year, which field is better- Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering? How can I decide which option suits me better?

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     Tanya Nigam 

    Hi Tara,

    Decide according to your interest in subjects.

    Both fields require equal skills nd hardwork.  Mechanical Engineering require manual manpower so decide according to your capability.

    Mechanical engineers design new devices or materials for countless uses in areas ranging from medicine to aerospace. They build satellites or create wind turbines or solar panels.

    Programmers, on the other hand, write detailed instructions in electronic languages or codes to help computers complete operations. After they write code, programmers test their work.

    Programmers typically use more basic math, such as simple algebra or financial calculations

    mechanical engineers often work with complex math equations.

    Both need logic and analytical skills to solve problems.


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    Hi Yara, regarding the choice of branch, you must remember and explore your strengths and capabilities. Both the streams have great career options. Moreover, for mechanical engineering you need to have good problem solving abilities in physics, thermodynamics. For computer science , you must be good in maths and logic. Choose what suits you the best. All the best.

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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Yara,

    The best option between the two, is the one that intrigues and fascinates you most. Both fields of engineering have successful people leading successful companies or working for the same. Both fields of engineering have people earning truckloads of money. And both fields of have engineers who hate what they are doing or that earn meager incomes or are still looking for jobs. The two courses are incomparable. But some people have compared it in this video.

    For you to succeed in either, you should be passionate about it and put your best effort into it.

    Check out these answers, they can be really helpful.

    I know how difficult it can be to make the choice.

    All the best.





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