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    Basically it depends on your intrest .

    If you are intrested in doing MBA then Bsc would be a better option as it will help you to give adequate amount of time for CAT and other entrances !

    While Btech is a unique course in it’s own ! There are many options available for you once you complete your Btech . Even MBA  too !

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    Idealy speaking both have it’s own importance.

    However, as you have passion towards science, you may prefer B. Sc & then go for M.Sc also.

    But if you prefer Btech, you may opt for Btec courses which are related to science like Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engg., Electronics control system Engg., Agricultural & Irrigation Engg., Biomedical Engg. etc.

    These kind of subjects can help you in gaining Engg with passion.

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    Hi, I am very passionate about Science and how things work. I am going to choose a degree stream soon, which would be a better option- choosing B.Tech or BSc?

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    If you have future study plans like P.G it is preferred to take B.Sc, as it will be completed in just 3 years and you can go for your higher studies where you can save your 1 year. While has its own importance, it is of 4 years. Still you can do MBA or you can do M.S in good colleges in other countries.

    For the higher studies in foreign countries, you have to complete your 16 years of study for which only can help. Otherwise with B.Sc you can work for 1 or 2 years and then go for higher studies as in some colleges good work experience is considered.

    Now some colleges are offering new courses in B.Sc like software engineering which is no less than Though they have same subjects and knowledge, companies pay high for certificate. Besides there are companies who are hiring only B.Sc grads.

    So it depends on your priorities. If you are looking for higher studies in India, best go for B.Sc. If you want to work immediately after studies or want to go abroad for higher studies, better go for

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