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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I want to become a rocket scientist. Is the branch aeronautics OK or I have to take aerospace only.

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     Sumit Dargan 

    This branch is perfect if you want to be a rocket scientist!

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     Shraddha Goel 

    A degree in Aerospace is considered more suitable to become a rocket scientist than a degree in Aeronautics. So I suggest you to go for Aerospace only. Rocket scientists are aerospace engineers who specialize in the design and manufacture of spacecraft. They work with the principles of science and engineering to create vehicles that fly within or above the Earth’s atmosphere. I hope this helps you out. Thank you 🙂

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    Hi Gaurav,

    To put it in simple words, Aerospace Engineering is a broad field which includes both,

    1. Aeronautical Engineering – For aircrafts operating within earth’s atmosphere such as helicopters, planes, etc.
    2. Astronautical Engineering – For aircrafts operating beyond earth’s atmosphere such as rockets, satellites, etc.

    Since your interest lies in the field of rocket science, pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering would be perfect for you. Here are a list of the top 10 Aerospace Engineering colleges in India,

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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