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     Arpit Raj Mall 
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    I am looking for 2 year full time MBA programs form from one of the reputed college of Pune but i have there are many other colleges offering the PGDM programs in various subject. So now i am little bit confuse between PGDM and MBA Programs. Please help me to find the suitable one for me.

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    Rank: Top MBA Colleges in New Zealand

    First of all, you have to look at the difference between PGDM and MBA. You need to weigh out the pros and cons of each. A PGDM is a to some extent a diploma, which means it is a course. I hope you are aware that a Diploma is not the same as a Degree. Most Institutes offer PGDM courses as they are autonomous colleges. But now when you come to think of it a lot of accreditation is needed for it. However, if you go for MBA it would be a better choice.

    MBA is, of course, a 2-year management course with a degree that is recognised by almost any foreign or Indian institute so it much better if you pick MBA over PGDM.

    Not necessarily that a PGDM is equal to MBA because if PGDM is to be equivalent to MBA then the college offering the PGDM course must have accreditation from AIU (The Association of Indian Universities).
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     Shraddha Goel 
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    In terms of affordability, an MBA is more affordable than a PGDM, generally, because the fee structure of MBAs in various institutes/colleges are determined uniformally by the University they are affiliated to. Whereas those offering PGDM are autonomous units and fix their own fee structure.

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     Olivia Das 
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    PGDM : Post Graduate Diploma in Management

    MBA – Master of Business Administration.

    If you have a MBA degree you can proudly proclaim that you are a post graduate but in case of PGDM you are a diploma holder in a post graduate course.Otherwise, PGDM is equivalent to MBA.

    The advantage of a MBA degree over PGDM are :

    1. You can opt for govt jobs mainly PSU where MBA degree is required

    2. You can do a PhD if you have MBA degree

    How does MBA or PGDM Impact your career?
    Indian Context
    In purely an Indian context, there is NO DIFFERENCE when it comes to how the industry treats PGDM and MBA graduate. If you see, 9 out of top 10 B Schools in India offer PGDM / PGP and not MBA. This is the testimony to the fact that there is no difference between the two in India.
    Career growth is same in both.

    Global Context
    Let us divide the analysis in Global context in two parts: Jobs perspective and Higher Education (like PhD or double MBA) perspective.
    From job perspective, there is no difference even in global arena, especially if you are coming from a reputed B School of India.
    From the perspective of Higher Education; yes there is a difference and having an MBA degree helps you a bit more as compared to having a Diploma (PGDM / PGP). Though, the difference is minuscule of just a point or two when it comes to the evaluation of your application form for higher education as MBA gets you marked against Masters Degree while PGDM/PGP gets you marked against Masters-Diploma.

    So, if you are not looking for higher studies, then whether you have MBA or PGDM doesn’t matter. What matters is you are coming from which college, its industry perception and similar aspects.

    Examples of PGDM/PGP Institutes in India are- IIMs ,XLRI, SP Jain, NMIMS (Banglore/Hyderabad) etc.
    Examples of MBA colleges in India are- IIFT , JBIMS , FMS ,NMIMS(Mumbai)SIBM (Pune), IITs etc.

    P.S.- MBA is cheaper and more affordable than PGDM. But choose the one which suits your needs (further studies in abroad or job in India/abroad)!

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