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     Navneet Anand 

    Hello Harsh,New age jobs in the IT sector surely carry a charm as they offer high initial packages and also carry a scope for growth. But then, core Engineering still holds its own place and students who are actually interested in such fields do opt for core companies despite the fact that the packages offered are not as comparable.

    Right Now Computer Science and IT branch are the hotshots of the market and are very promising.

    Best of luck.

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     Piyush Rai 

    Hey Harsh,

    Considering the fact you are okay to do the hard-work and are good in logic plus maths, CS/IT are among the highest paid branches. Even people from other branches tend to appear for CS/IT jobs during their final years. One of the best thing with CS/IT is that you can switch to another job whenever/wherever as there are so many Startup and MNC’s coming to India.

    And based on my experience I would suggest that growth opportunities are really high in this domain. Rest is upto you, please make a wise decision otherwise you will have to live with it throughout your life.

    Best of luck!

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     harsh srivastava 

    I am very confused to opt a course for engineering. Please tell me which branch can provide better placements with high packages?

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    Although IT and computer engineering have highest packages, I feel that one should also take into account his/her own interest and aptitude before choosing any branch.

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    engineering is just not a degree my dear friend it is a way of life.
    instead for just going for placement opportunities,you must focus on your interests.

    if you want to go down the safe side then Cs/IT/ECE are safe choices.
    However,if you want to join as a government engineer through IES then civil,mechanical,electrical and electronics and communication are the branches for it.
    dont worry about getting placed so soon. enjoy your college life first gain experiences do some projects and then you will be surely placed. new branches like mathematics and computing or aerospace engineering are also good.

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     Olivia Das 


    Every branch has its own characteristics and quality!

    Choosing a branch depends on you. What you think you are good at and can progress well in.

    Choosing core branches can help you with better achievements. If you are good at programming go for CS, if you like logic and mechanics then choose mechanical, choose Electronics if you are interested in that!

    MY suggestion : CS as this branch attracts the largest amount of companies ! with handsome package!

    P.S.: Choose what you like. Your priority should be to choose the branch of your interest, only then you can succeed in those! 🙂

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