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     Matthew Wolf 

    Which is the best branch in Engineering? And how can I determine which branch would be best for my skills and aptitude?

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    It is a common notion that computer science and electronics and communications (e&c) are the two most sought after branches in engineering. however, having studied in one of these branches, I can assure you that your skills are going to determine what is best for you.

    After having considered which branches you’d like, contact somebody who has finished studying the course and ask them of the skills most crucial in the course for ex, that in programming or in calculus rather than the perks of being the graduate in the course, so you are ready to face the challenges that you will face.

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    well there is nothing like “Best Branch”.You can ask which is the best branch for you like if you are good in math and logic you can go for mechanical and computers sciences or if you love chemistry you can go for chemical engineering etc.

    What i want to say here is that you have to analyse your interest and forte to choose the best branch for you.

    But one thing i would like to add is that currently the demand for software engineers is maximum so most of the students are opting for it.


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    Hi Tejaswi,

    Nothing is perfect in this world.

    As all of us know that every coin has two side,  likewise every engineering branch has its own pros and cons. Inspite of running behind rush, select branch of your interest. Every branch is good in its own way and also have opportunities. If you are capable enough then you will become CEO of GOOGLE even after graduating from Metallurgical Engineering. So,no branch is good or bad. Your passion and labour is all that matters.

    Identify your passion,  strengths, interests and according to it, opt your stream.For example:

    If you have interest in functioning of laptop,wanna to develop websites, want to make app then surely Computer Science and IT is for you.

    If you have interest in cars, machines, move towards Mechanical.

    wanna to make bridges,dam,buildings , move towards civil or architecture.

    Like this way, choose your stream.

    All the best

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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Tejaswi,

    I would say that there is no such thing as the ‘best branch’. Engineering is the application of science. Engineering is the revolutionizing of technology to create all the new things we use everyday. You can’t compare the need for the laptop or desktop that you’ve used to type this question on, with the need to manufacture the medicines you take  when you are sick.

    Each branch of engineering caters to a particular industry, a particular branch of science. Each one of which is as important as the next. And any of which could pique your interest and see you being the best at.

    That being said, at the end of every 4 years of engineering you have computer science students having the highest end jobs in any average college in the country.

    So there are a bunch of things you should consider before choosing your branch.

    1. All the different branches of engineering.
    2. What are you good at and what intrigues you about the world around you? (Because passion can make a huge difference to you’re career)
    3. The kind of change you would like to make to the world
    4. The kind of labour you would be willing to put in
    5. Would you like to have a job soon after your degree or would you like to do your masters?
    6. Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
    7. How much money you want to make?
    8. Whether you would be willing to change your  career stream midway

    Most of these are hard to answer. But when you give these questions thought, you’ll see what kind of career you want to lead more clearly.

    Read this article about factors to consider.

    I found this quiz for my niece when she was trying to decide what branch of engineering to choose. See what  you can make of it, just  for fun.

    All the best.


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