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    Im confused to choose between  computer or mechanical engineering

    which one is the best and will have best placement and more scope

    please help me..

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     Piyush Rai 

    Hey Shweta,

    Based on current market trends Computer Science Engineering has more scope and better placement opportunities. With all these new startups and MNC’s coming to India CSE is a branch where you want to be in coming 4-5 years. Mechanical Engineering has its own perks, a career in ME allows you to build a better future for you, and for the world. ME might not provide you a high paying job initially, but over the time with your experience you can grow.

    Both the branches have scope and it all depends on your dedication and if you are ready put efforts towards making your fundamentals strong in CSE, then its really hard for people from other branches to catch up with your package. But with bigger pay-check comes more stress, pressure and responsibilities. So choose wisely, take some time and think what motivates you the most.

    Try to figure out your passion, because when profession gets tougher, its the passion that keeps you going. You can also checkout: to get a better insight about what I am taking about.

    If you still need any guidance you can reach out to me, my details are mentioned in my profile. Best of luck!

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    Trends can often change rather drastically in the four years that you spend in engineering. I would strongly suggest that you do not look at the current trends, but rather focus on your area of interest, your desire to study more, and your capabilities.

    A course is computer science is often much less stressful in terms of the amount you need to study, but a lot more stressful in the variety of ways you’ll have to apply your knowledge. Let’s just say that in computer science, you are given a knife and fork to finish your dosa, whereas in mechanical engineering, you are given the same two things to finish your pizza. In other words, you have more to learn in mechanical engineering, but less stressful applications of your knowledge, as a lot of things have already been dealt with throughout the years. Computer science, on the other hand, is a relatively newer field, with a lot of kinks to straighten.

    The remuneration that you get from CS will be initially much higher than Mechanical, although the former tends to stagnate, unless you go for a higher course. A mechanical engineer will often slowly rise through the ranks, and given that (s)he is trained in management also (yes, a mechanical course has several management subcourses that you have to learn to get a degree), will eventually get a far better paying managerial position.


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     Olivia Das 

    No stream is better than the other. It all depends upon your subject interests and what you want to do after your B.Tech.If you really like to do the stuff related to mechanical engineering (like Working with Construction firms,automobiles,autoCad etc) you can always opt for mechanical engineering,and if your interest is in Writing codes,doing stuff related to Internet,being logical,you can always choose Computer Science.

    The question here is – “What exactly do u want?”

    (a)If you are doing Engineering just to get a job?

    (b) You love both and are confused about which one to choose?

    answer (a):-IT companies, they Hire in bulk mostly, irrespective of branch,if ultimately you are ending up in IT company
    (Unless and until you Crack some PSU exam or GATE ),so why opt mechanical Engineering in the first place?

    So, CS should be your option (though before choosing a branch, do check for its placement details in the college you are  about to enroll in.)


    In India Its Computer Science, if you are graduate from Tier-1 college (IITs,few NITs)  you will definitely land up to a high package Job (On a average approx 8-10 Lpa)

    Even if you are not from the one,still you will land up with a descent job as IT industry has pretty much jobs.

    On the other hand in Mechanical Engineering,if you are from Tier-1( IITs,NITs) college you can get the core job, which are Good at times or PSU’s(Public Sector Units) which pay really well.

    But in Private college which are Tier-3 or below them, Picture is not Good, you have to struggle your ways through,because in placements there aren’t many core companies (Mechanical) Come for Recruitment,rather i should say there are hardly any companies. Specially for girls- scopes are very less as most companies dont hire girls because of heavy machinery work.

    P.S.:-If you are planning to go for further studies (i.e. – GATE,PSUs etc.), you can choose which-ever branch/ subjects of the branch you like!


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     Shraddha Goel 

    Both of these branches are good at their own places.

    But if you choose Computer Science then your spectrum to excel in others fields narrows down.

    But if you choose Mechanical Engineering then you would have a broad spectrum of opportunities.

    That too Mechanical Engineering is an ever green field and there no lack of jobs at all.

    I would personally suggest you to choose Mechanical Engineering.
    This field is really exuberant and you can enjoy the subjects which are related to real world applications.

    All the best with your choice 🙂
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    Hello !

    To keep this answer short I would say all the streams are better in their own ways. It would not be just to compare in between streams. It all depends upon what you want to do and for which field are you passionate about.

    If you like machines and the working behind them, go for Mechanical Engineering. It is also one of the core branches of Engineering.

    If you like programming, maths and love to solve problems then Computer Science is for you. Today the world is moving online and there is a great demand for Computer Science Engineers as well. Top IT firms do pay you a good amount.

    In conclusion, I would suggest you to follow what you are passionate about. Work on it and keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the market.

    Hope this helps! Cheers.

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     Ajit Dhiman 

    According to your problem,i will recommend you  to choose computer science engg. ,since it has the more scope in india than any other branch in current scenario.On other side, they both have equal scope in their own fields.


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     Ajit Dhiman 

    According to your problem,i will recommend you  to choose computer science engg. ,since it has the more scope in india than any other branch in current scenario.On other side, they both have equal scope in their own fields.


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    Computer science do have better scope and placement opportunities,at least in India. But it also depends on your passion and what your are interested.

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     Manish gupta 


    According to my thought  i think all engineerings are good.I


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     rahul sharma 


    If you are going to make your career in the Engineering Field,than both the branch are best to excel

    Computer Science & Mechanical both have different career options,field work,life after graduation& Income too.

    You must prepare for JEE Exam to get admission in India’s best Engineering College like IIT’s so that you can get good placement in Engineering.

    JEE Advanced has an Increment in the seats

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     priya arrora 

    If you are comparing the two branches on the basis of high paying job after UG or PG you may be pretty excited and can say Computer science is better because generally mech guy don’t get that much packages from any company in their core field.

    Don’t start doing something only for money,Find something that you love and that will be the best option for your future and be sure that you will get paid for it.

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