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    Hello, I’m in my third year of Engineering. All my classmates are planning their further studies abroad. There are times when I feel like studying in a country like Canada, US or Germany would be a great option for me as well. But I feel confused. How do I decide whether higher studies abroad is going to be the best option?

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    Now-a-days it is common to go abroad and study. It really gives you a great career after completion of your studies even in abroad and in India. You have to appear for one of these GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc . If you score well, you will be getting admission in best colleges abroad.You will be placed in top companies with higher packages.

    If you can’t get through the entrance exams and get admission in best college, it is better to study here in best colleges in India than to study in abroad. It totally depends on your dedication level and financial support. It costs higher in abroad but gives you a way better future.

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    You may want to pursue higher studies abroad for the following reasons.

    1. The idea with pursuing higher studies abroad is associated highly with pursuing research. If you are passionate on acquiring a career in Research, doing it abroad is advised mainly because research is well-funded there and sophisticated equipment, ease of acquiring resources are all better there.
    2. Job opportunities are meek in India and pursuing your Masters abroad will allow you to be placed abroad where there is a possibility of better job opportunities as well as a higher pay.

    Hope this helps you figure out if you want to study abroad.

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    Hi Ripper,

    I completely understand your predicament and it is big decision to take. On the basis of reviews from my friends studying abroad, I’ll try to get you out of this situation.

    Higher studies in a foreign country is a great way to further your career. While adding a prestigious degree to your resume, you also get to learn a lot about your field of interest. You will learn a lot from the professors in these universities and overall, it will help you in your development.

    One of the reasons people hesitate to study abroad is the huge amount of investment required for it. While that is a valid concern, I feel, in my opinion, that a person should not worry about spending money on learning , or just gaining knowledge in general. Don’t worry, you do not have to spend money, you just have to invest!

    No knowledge ever gained is wasted and will elevate you higher in life. Even if you do not land a job in the country, the experience and the degree that you gain in the process will help you get to a lot better position in life, than you would have gotten to without the degree.

    I hope you get my point here. wish you good luck!

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