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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I have read C.B.S.E. textbooks for biology (11th and 12th) completely Will it be enough?
    Also if not please tell me what else I should do? Please reply if anyone knows…!!

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     Sumit Dargan 

    Hi, It’s for sure that the questions that are designed for the paper of neet-UG paper are from CBSE set syllabus only but attempting the question paper and scoring good marks in medical UG examination are 2 different things. I’ll suggest you to join a coaching institute, preferably Akaash,Target PMT or Allen. These are some of the Top notch institutes in India for medical coaching. Else by reading out CBSE question you’ll be surely able to attempt the question paper but getting more than 500 marks out of 720 is not a easy walk on the road. Also mars more than 500 does assure you that you’ll get a seat in MBBS but it’s mostly in one of the farthest corners of the country where your parents and you won’t be much interested to go. So, set an aim of about 550 marks in NEET-UG paper and join in any one of the above stated institutes and study with full sincerity and you’ll do great in this field.

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     Shravya H.M. 


    Doing well in the NEET-UG, requires a very good understanding of your CBSE Text books as the exam is based on the same syllabus. And you fulfill that criteria.

    But the exam also requires that you possess the ability to think analytically and make quick associations and this requires that you remember minor important details in your textbook and more importantly, that you understand the relevance of these details.

    You’ve got two options here,

    You can study on your own or go to a coaching center that will guide you.

    Should you decide to study on your own, here are important steps you need to incorporate into your life to clear this exam:

    • Planning and sticking with it – You need to realize how important this exam is to you and alot a few hours everyday to study for the exam and stick with it. Focus and motivation is the key to doing well.
    • List out all your strong and weak areas and work on them. Do not neglect your strenths, hone them. And make sure no weaknesses exist.
    • Do not give up on bad days – You will have days where you feel like you’re failing, or aren’t able to cope, you most definitely can. You have to push through these days and pick yourself up.
    • Use good material such as this Amazon list, besides your text books to find new questions. Keep solving questions at the end of every lesson. There will also be plenty of free online mock tests and you-tube videos. Take advantage of free internet material. Check out this blog.
    • REVISE REVISE REVISE consistently
    • While you do all of this, take some time off to relax and cool off and do things that make you happy. And exercise. Physical exercise and a healthy diet is essential for our brains to function healthily.

    With dedication and focus, you should just about slay that exam.

    All the best, Aadarsh! 🙂

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