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     Sagorika Das 

    What to do after scoring 52% in science stream in 12th board exam?

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     Career Breeder 

    Hey Sagorika,

    Please don’t be worried about your career path. Getting low marks does not prove that you can’t do well in life. All depends on your passion. Some thing that keeps you going.

    As Einstein said:

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    You just need to find what motivates you to keep going. Something that you can do day and night without being stressed. In case you need an expert advice on this, do visit us at: http://careerbreeder.com/

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    dont feel low for your percentage.their are many options available for choosing the best carrer for you.science also have better otions.you can go for biotech etc.hope it will help you.

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    Hi Sagorika,

    There are lots of career oppportunities which you can consider irrespective of the percentage of your board exams. If you want to study basic sciences, you can opt for B.Sc courses at some college in your city and later on try to do an M.Sc from a nationally reputed college by appearing for examinations like JAM.

    If you want to study engineering, you might not get a good stream in private or state colleges but if you prefer, you can choose to study courses which are not very famous in India yet are in high demand internationally, like Biotech, Metallurgy etc.

    You can also choose to change your stream and pursue BA or journalism courses which, contrary to popular belief, do have a lot of scope currently.

    If you like mathematics, you can choose to do a B.Com and pursue Chartered Accountancy along with it.

    Hope this helped!

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     Suresh kumar

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