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     Rishab Gupta 


    I completed my B..Tech 2 years back but because of some reason I couldn’t get the job in my line. I kept trying for it but even after 2 years I have no job. I don’t want to work in another field but most openings now either ask for experience or the later batches. What should I do?

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     Shraddha Goel 

    You don’t have to lose hope. First of all I suggest that you work hard on brushing up whatever you learnt in your Btech degree. Next, start building your online presence and a better resume so that you come in the eyes of the companies in which you apply later. Even people will prior experience have to go through interviews and other tests to bag a job. So don’t worry. What matters is your knowledge and ability to convince the interviewer.

    If this doesn’t show results within a year, you can apply for a government job. Many government jobs and exams require that the candidate be from science background. So you will be able to not change your field and still get a good (I believe the best) job. 🙂

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     Olivia Das 


    You don’t have to work in any other field.

    brush up your studies in b-tech and improve your personality, CV, profile.

    After a while join some online sites like LinkedIN which would help you know about your profile rating and also help you meet up new companies

    Also see some career counselors. Soon you will have a nice profile. AND a job at hand! 🙂

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    Hi Rishab,

    It’s a common misconception that getting a degree guarantees a job. Furthermore, not getting a job is not any reason for you to give up on the field you’re passionate about. 

    Begin by going through your B. Tech study material and reminding yourself why you chose this field. It will definitely motivate you to persist. 

    In order to enhance the degree that you already have, you can try exploring Open Online Courses. You can check out and for more information. You can complete courses in subjects that are complimentary to your degree from reputed colleges all over the world. Successful completion will allow you to add them to your offline and online profiles. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is at its best!

    Once you’ve identified the organisations where you see yourself working, reach out to them incessantly. Send out your CV to as many companies and institutions possible. 

    As for your issue with companies requiring experience, many organisations and research institutes look for interns. Applying for such internships may not guarantee a fixed job but it can definitely open up many opportunities. 

    Do look into taking the GATE exam. Just clearing the GATE exam will make you eligible for a large number of public sector jobs. 

    I wish you luck!

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