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     Navneet Anand 

    Hello Debodeep, Both CSE and ECE are very good branch and have very good future growth and opportunities for you. But I will advice you to pursue the branch of your passion and interest. It will help you enjoy your course and bring the best in you. Many of the subjects of CSE and ECE are also common. You can always opt for doing major degree in one course and doing minor degree in another stream.

    You can also switch to CSE subjects for after completing your from ECE.

    Contemplate over the branch and your future and make a wise desicion.

    For more information about switching branch refer

    Thank You

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     Debodeep Paul 
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     Olivia Das 

    Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) both have there own beauty

    ECE is one of the most wanted course on par with Computer Science. Electronics is basically the circuitry used in every electronic gadget. The course will deal with various circuits and concepts which are in use now. It is not a course where one can master both the electronic and computer domains and be comfortably sitting for placements.

    CSE is about understanding the concepts involved in computers.

    It all depends on your interest. You can succeed only when you do what interests you!

    Advantage in CS, as all the top e-commerce companies come for CS with high package.

    Advantage in ECE, you can sit for all types of companies.

    Choose what you like 🙂


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     Shraddha Goel 

    I think your choice should be based upon your interest and the consideration of the following:

    Placement in VIT relating to ECE/CSE

    Only the shifting of the graduates to the services based companies, as clerks, happen from VIT.

    Teaching in VIT relating to ECE/CSE

    Since, there are better quality video tutorials available on web, it should not be a matter of concern to any engineering student.

    Scope of CSE/ECE in the future

    There is infinite scope of research in all the existing engineering fields in India. As, the Indian engineering curriculum is 40 years old, it is not of much use to the present day world. Moreover, anyone can become a world class computer engineer, even without going to any engineering college.

    I personally suggest you to go for CSE because you said you have interest in that. It will only take your far. 🙂

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    Hello, my friend Here is a small history about these engineering subjects. You might not know that Electrical Engg. is the mother of these two branches ECE & CSE. But as per my perspective looking today’s conditions, I can just tell you the advantages about these branches later you can compare and choose the one in which your interest is more.

    Advantages of CSE

    1. Computer science majors are in high demand.

    2. Computer science majors have more job opportunities.

    3. Salaries are generally same across all companies in IT industry.

    4.The Less corrupted field as government involvement is minimal in company operations.

    Advantages of ECE-

    1. If you choose ECE in your then you have a choice to change your branch to CSE in

    2. Many companies like TCS takes ECE students too with CSE in placements.

    3. Can learn more about the hardware and working process.

    4. Have more growth in IT as well as other Private companies.

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    Hey there!

    I would suggest that you should always go with what you are passionate about and not what others say.Because at the end things turn out to be a lot easier and fun to do of you are passionate about it .Both streams are equally good and they have their own beauties.

    In a world where technology is gradually taking over, ECE as well as CSE engineers are in great demand.

    Follow your passion and the results will show up!

    All the best!

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     Ajit Dhiman 

    I believe that should go with cse stream.Since it is the high placement in india than any other branch, in current scenario.In any other comparison,both branches have their own almost equal merits and demerits.and plus you have  interest in this field.

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    Dear Debodeep

    Both Ece and Cse are equally important good and core branches of engineering.

    Its according to your chouce and area of interest that which branch is good for you or suit you . You can also go for some ore-apti to know the feild you are good in either the programming or the calculations. So you should go for shat you what not what seemed to be good at first sight , it may become hard for you when you enter in.

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    Honestly that truly depends on what your passion is and what do you want to do in the future.If you like fiddling with gadgets and like to explore things at hardware leverl the ECE might be right for you but if you like to try your hand at software level then you should opt for CSE. Also as other user has pointed out you can change your field again after if these discipline are good on their own and have a great scope.So it entirely depends upon you, what you are interested in ask yourself.

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     Shivam Sharma 

    @Debodeep paul

    We all are fixed in our ways. You should opt for your interest as you are going to study. ECE deals completely with circuits on the other hand you have software and hardware. Four years is not a short time, you can’t survive on others opinion. Opting against your interest can create flash in the pan. i am not across to ECE but go with your interest. We don’t want you to regret else you can check the study material and other things separating the both branches on our website and figure out the road on which you want to travel. Hold your horses and figure out which way you want to go and without a doubt you will be able to figure out what to do

    Regards Edugorilla

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    Hello Debodeep,

    Firstly I want to convey that both the both CSE and ECE are very good streams in the present era of education.

    If you choose ECE  then at a certain stage of time you will have two choices either going to hardware side or software side

    In case of CSE you can only go to the core software side.

    so if you are sure in going to the software side then better take CSE.

    Finally irrespective of the stream the commitment and passion you have on your work will give a new style to the doing work.

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