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     Anam Kidwai 

    Computer Based Testing or CBT is fast replacing the common pen and paper based exam pattern. The JEE Main Exam Paper 1 is held in online as well as offline mode. If you are well-prepared and confident, it doesn’t really matter which mode you choose.
    However, both the modes have a few advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are a few main differences between JEE Mains online exam and JEE Mains offline exam:


    In the JEE Mains offline exam, the candidates are given a question paper (in English and Hindi) and an OMR sheet in which they mark the answers by filling in a bubble.

    Advantage of JEE Mains exam offline:
    • Pen and paper based exam pattern is what students have seen right from their school days. They are familiar with it and hence feel more confident.

    Disadvantages of giving JEE Mains exam offline:
    • Marking answers in an OMR sheet takes more time and efforts than selecting the right options in CBTs.
    • Once marked, you cannot change your answer.

    Candidates opting for the CBT or JEE Mains online exam are assigned a computer at the test center. The candidates are required to simply mark the correct answers. You may navigate between questions and sections.

    Advantages of giving JEE Mains exam online:
    • The candidates have the option of marking the questions for review. This means you can save the questions you are not too sure about for later.
    • The answers can be easily changed at any point of time.
    • Marking answers is easier and quicker than offline mode.

    Disadvantages of giving JEE Mains exam online:
    • Since the students are used to giving exams through pen and paper, they do not feel too confident in case of CBTs.
    • Candidates are given rough sheets for solving questions which involve calculations. There is a possibility that candidates may note down the wrong figures. The possibility of making this mistake also exists in offline exam but the chances are more in case of CBT.

    •Although, CBTs are becoming extremely popular in India, technical glitches remain a persistent problem. Such issues, even if resolved immediately, may hamper the confidence of the candidates.


    Hope that helps!

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     Arun Khatri 

    Hello, Ayush..!!

    Thank you for asking this question. To be very frank, I was facing the same doubt as you are now during my preparation for JEE. As you are preparing for IIT JEE 2018, it is quite obvious that you will be confused about whether to opt for offline or online. Well, it totally depends upon the comfort level you have for giving an online exam. If you are comfortable in reading the question from the computer screen more effectively than you should go for online.

    As we have a habit of reading the questions on the papers than solving them on the paper only, it is quite easy for us to opt offline mode. But have my advice, go for the online mode. As you can see, each year many exams are changed from offline to online. And it will not take much time that all the exams will be conducted through online mode.

    So the quicker you adopt this change, the better it will be for you. Don’t worry if you do not have any practice. You only follow three basic steps for attempting a question online. First, read the question on the computer screen then solve it on the paper you will get and after getting an answer all you have to do is to click on the right option. That’s it, as simple as it looks.

    but you need to have a full practice for this. You can join many online test series for practicing online exams. After giving some online exams you will feel the same confidence level as you were feeling for the offline mode.

    I have also shared a very good link to guide you about JEE  2018. So, you must go for it.

    Hope this will help you…!!

    Best of Luck..!!


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     nidhi rajawat 

    JEE Mains 2018 examination will be held in two modes, that is online and offline.  This is just to give the student to choose the best type in their comfort to give answers to the questions.

    If you are familiar with the online mode of examination, then you should obviously go for the online mode. And also I recommend you to go with same. Now-a-days many online coaching for JEE provide online test series by taking this you can improve your online question solving skills. Join any test series give some mock test, and you will easily grab the pace over there.

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     priya arrora 

    There are pros and cons associated with both the modes of the exam so you must understand them in detail and then decide about the same. For example in the offline mode, answers need to be checked in the right manner on the sheet and review process needs to be undertaken.

    In the online mode, the candidates would be finding difficulty in calculation while solving a Physics or Chemistry section. For more details, refer to jee main online vs offline.

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