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     Maha Lakshmi 

    As a Computer Science Engineering student in what languages will I be made familiar to?


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     Viral Mamniya 

    Persuing  career in computer science engineering is a good option as its in demand now.After 10 you can join any degree college for degree course or the can either do diploma and diploma+degree both.For better understanding of the course you should be having some basic knowledge of computer’s hardware and software both and should have better command on C,C++ and if possible java too.You should have better logic development in short.

    There are different career options after completion of the course you can become:

    Software developer,Software tester.Network administrator,Database administrator,Database designer,Database operator,Website designer,Website developer,Mobile application developer,Robotics expert,Software analyst,Mobile expert,Software support analyst


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     Shubham Kandi 

    For grasping the concept of a programming language,  learning C is the basic first step. It should be learned thoroughly and one should have an expertise. After that learning an Object Oriented language is required which is mostly used in application programming. Core java should serve the purpose better. Along with learn the J2EE concepts and JSP. For web programming PHP and  SQL is required. Its advisible to learn Python as its a great language with many package support which will get the work done in many projects and assignments with minimum lines of code. For data intensive works Matlab/R will be of great help, python work here too.If you want to dive into competitive programming, C++ with STL will be a great tool to have for most competitions. So a good knowledge of C, C++, Java,Python,PHP and SQL will sail you through most situations, be it projects, assignments or interviews. On top of that Ruby, PL/SQL, Javascript will give you more power.

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