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     Vishesh Saraswat 

    Hi, I am Priya Jain. I am preparing for NEET exam. I am doing self study for the exam. I have gained command in Inorganic Chemistry but I am unable to study Organic part. What are the best ways to study organic chemistry?

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     Asad yar Khan 

    Hi priya!

    Contrary to what many students who are scared of Chemistry think, it a very scoring subject.

    In NEET exam the most important part that carries maximum weightage is organic chemistry and its principles.

    Practice questions related to conversions and properties of groups. Other chapters of importance are

    • Equilibrium
    • Thermodynamics
    • States of matter
    •  Mole concept

    You will be asked some Numerical based questions from the above-mentioned topics. Don’t forget to go through, P block, s block, chemical bonding, complex compounds are important too. You should know how to calculate hybridization whether its inner or outer orbital, spins etc.

    Then there is periodicity, should be thorough as it will help you in chapters like p block, s block etc.

    There are two ways to master organic chemistry. If you’re good at memorizing things then note down a list of all the named reactions with the conditions required for conversions like catalyst, temperature, and others. Practice conversions daily and you’ll be able to memorize all the reactions needed to be learned in the exam, in a month or so.

    But if you prefer understanding the concept and not memorizing, which is a better way, then you’ve to write every reaction along with its mechanism and work on it separately. Although it takes more time, it is preferable. You can also take help from google and NCERT books in sourcing these reaction mechanisms. By this, you can predict the end product of a reaction, even if you haven’t seen the chemical reaction before.

    Practice MCQs, sample papers and Solve as many questions as you can to champion the subject and get better results.


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