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     Subho das 

    What is the difference between computer science and Information technology???

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     Radhika Tanika 

    The course content differs from college to college. I would like to share this based on my experience at NITK Surathkal. Over here the course content for both the branch was almost the same. Although the CS @ NITK had few courses that focused more on hardware. But placements record was almost the same for both the branches. Hence I would say if you are passionate about technology and want to make it your career don’t worry much about the difference between CS /IT, just follow you dream and work hard – rest all will fall into place itself.

    Best of luck!!

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    This may not apply to all colleges, but generally Information Technology mainly deals with the software side and Computer science course deals with both software and hardware.

    Don’t worry much about the difference for now, no company is going to deny interview because of the difference between CS or IT. Just follow your heart and do what you like..

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    If you take a deeper look, per Robert Half Technology, they are quite different with CS dealing more with technical side of computer information systems such as programming & coding. IT deals on the side of implementing and the problem solving of it and what to do with the data the programming tools the CS person actually wrote! I am in graduate school studying IT Mgmt side of the equation, I possess no will to set & write code for programs but rather utilize the proge

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     Olivia Das 

    IT is a part of Computer Science , which deals with the study of the various technologies that are in use.

    Computer Science is a core field of study in which you can also pursue research as well

    where as

    IT is the derived field which provides education regarding the technologies that have been already introduced and implemented.

    In my opinion CS definitely has the edge because of wider range of opportunities and job available .

    Demand for both CS and IT is evergreen so you can opt for any of these courses.  🙂

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     Kishan Kamlesh 

    The basic difference in a nutshell between IT & CS is that the later deals with a wider array of computers i.e software and hardware to an extent. Whereas the former just deals with the software sector. An IT engineer would know how to create a software to solve a particular problem whereas a CS engineer would probably have a good amount of idea on how to apply that software with the required hardware.


    Placements and the companies which hire people from both the branches are pretty similar. And you’ll just have to decide according to your inclination which way you really want to go.


    Hope this helps!

    All the best!

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     Arathi Nayak 

    IT is a subset of CSE. It involves CSE concepts but only up to a certain level. You could say a topic like microprocessors or database management system is learned in depth by a CSE student but only in brief by an IT student. Also, IT does not involve heavy coding and in-depth study of algorithms.

    CSE is a core subject. It involves the study of all there is to know about computers, both software, and hardware.

    But IT does not include everything.

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     Siva Sashidaran 

    To put it in a nutshell:

    Computer Science Engineering (CSE) deals with the basics as well as the advanced sectors of computers and computing. You will study the circuits that make up computers in depth. You will then proceed to learn programming languages from C, Python to even Ruby on Rails.

    Information Technology (IT) Engineering will deal with the applications and the softwares that are run on computers. It will concentrate on the aspects of app building, HTML, website-building.

    You can visualise it as CSE being the structure of an apartment building and IT being the beautifying/luxury contents of the apartment inside.

    I hope this clears your confusion.

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     Suresh kumar

    Computer Science and Information Technology is a similar type of course. Computer Science is a UG course it deals with the field of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. CSE is the most popular and demanded course in engineering. Computer Science deals with the study of the advanced level of computing and the latest technologies in the computer field.

    Information technology deals with analyzing, planning, designing, and implementing applications in the technology field. This course is also the most demanded course in engineering. If you are interested to join these courses then Campushunt will help you to get the best engineering college for your education. Campushunt provides a very quick admission process cost-efficient. No service charges or hidden costs for this service.

    In my opinion, SJB INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is one of the best engineering colleges in India. SJB INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY helps the students to achieve their goals by conducting various workshops, guest lectures and also by letting them participate in various other extra-curricular activities.


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