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     Vishesh Saraswat 

    Hi, I am Naveen from Mumbai. I have completed 12th from CBSE board with 88 percent marks. I am preparing for IIT examination. I aim to score 200+ marks in JEE advanced but I find Physics numerical tough. How can I score high marks in Physics ?. Please guide me.


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     Shubham Gupta 

    Hello Naveen,

    Physics of JEE Advanced is the most difficult and tricky part of the JEE exam. Scoring good in Physics means you may have a high chance to crack the exam.

    The syllabus of Physics is quite vast hence the students face problem in remembering the concepts and where to apply them.

    The best ways to master Physics are:

    • Focus on the latest JEE Advanced syllabus and pattern and study according to it.
    • Don’t mug up the concepts and procedure of solving the questions. Just learn the formulas.
    • Practice daily for the different type of question and focus on the topics in which you are weak.
    • Try to focus on those topics whose weightage in the exam is high. The topics such as Mechanics, Modern Physics, Thermal Physics, Optics are very important for the exam. Prepare them very well.
    • At the time of solving questions try to solve them with the different approaches.
    • Make a daily timetable to study Physics and study it when you are fresh and active.
    • Try to understand that in a particular question of Physics there are many concepts involved. Follow the proper approach in the questions.
    • Go through the NCERT book once before the exam. All topics are also covered in the NCERT book.
    • Don’t forget to give mocks. They are the most important part of the preparation. Analyze your mistakes and solve the questions after coming home once by yourself.

    I hope these tips help you with your preparation.

    All the Best!!!!!

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     Anam Kidwai 

    Once you have cleared the JEE Mains, it is time to gear up for the next step, the IIT JEE Advanced. With around 1.5 to 2 lakh students qualifying for JEE advanced by clearing the JEE Mains, the competition is stiff. For clearing this exam, the students need to be thoroughly prepared with the syllabus. Physics is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects for JEE Advanced and so it demands a lot of attention.

    Physics is a highly conceptual and understanding based subject. Rather than mugging up formulas, you should concentrate more on strengthening the basic concepts. Here are a few tips to help you prepare physics for the IIT JEE Advanced Exam:
    • NCERT books are very popular among those preparing for competitive exams. These books for physics cover all the topics given in the syllabus of IIT JEE Advanced exam.
    • According to experts, HCV (HC Verma) is one of the best books to begin your preparation with. Once done, you may move on to DC Pandey’s book.
    • List down all the derivations, formulas and experiments in the syllabus at one place so that you can revise them easily.
    • You may also take help of various learning apps such as Embibe.
    • Few important chapters and topics you need to prepare really well are Electrostatics, Laws of Thermodynamics, Current Electricity, Newton’s Law of Motion, Ray Optics, Circular Motion, Motion in Two Dimensions and Projectile Motion, Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics among others.
    • Mechanics is an important part of physics and holds a lot of weightage in the JEE Advanced exam. Make sure you pay special attention to this area. Although modern physics is easy, it is a very conceptual section and so you need to be thorough with it. Prepare this portion from NCERT as well as HCV.
    • Go through the question papers of the last ten years. It is recommended that you save this task for the last.
    • Arihanyt series and Cengage series are recommended for practicing JEE Advanced level problems.

    Hope that helps. All the best!


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