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     Abhinav Tiwari 

    What is MATLAB and how important is it???

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     Karan Pathak 

    MATLAB “MATrix LABoratory”,is basically, A programming package specifically designed for Mathematical computations, and scientific calculations. It has numerous number   of in-built functions for a wide variety of computations and calculations that require high end mathematical modelling. Toolboxes designed for solving complex problems and data analysis.

    MATLAB has several advantages over other methods or languages:

    • Its basic data element is the matrix. A simple integer is considered an matrix of one row and one column.  Several mathematical operations that work on arrays or matrices are built-in to the Matlab environment. For example, cross-products, dot-products, determinants, inverse matrices.
    • Vectorized operations. Adding two arrays together needs only one command, instead of a for or while loop.
    • The graphical output is optimized for interaction. You can plot your data very easily, and then change colors, sizes, scales, etc, by using the graphical interactive tools.
    • Matlab’s functionality can be greatly expanded by the addition of toolboxes. These are sets of specific functions that provided more specialized functionality. Ex: Excel link allows data to be written in a format recognized by Excel, Statistics Toolbox allows more specialized statistical manipulation of data (Anova, Basic Fits, etc)

    So if you have a good appetite for mathematical reasoning and computation. Then MATLAB is your window to programming. you can fine very good tutorial on “youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6g9F9tu5PE&list=PLG4WfqoDFRvkPdujlErCsGjjvKTfOyF0A,”

    For a better insight you can refer this link as well


    I hope this helps!!

    Have a great Career ahead!!!


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     Shraddha Goel 

    Matlab is very good and in fact an industry standard for data acquisition and mathematical modeling. Almost all vendors dSPACENI, Agilent, many more have support for Matlab data acquisition toolbox. When it comes to mathematical modeling in all Aerospace, Automobile, Control system domain it is an industry standard. Almost in all the universities, students and professors use it for research purposes. Matlab as a scripting language is also very much used for data science analysis. Most of the machine learning and data mining algorithms are already available in it and it is very easy to prototype your analysis Matlab.
    The following are the main industry where matlab is used in real life(if by real life you meant not research):

    • Aerospace industry– Hardware-in-loop simulations, mathematical modeling, embedded system-in-loop simulation
    • Automobile industry – Vehicle networking, simulations, vehicle-in-loop simulation
    • Computational science – biological data mining
    • Embedded system


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