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     Arpit Raj Mall 
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    I was completed MBA last 2 year. but still i am not stabilized my carrier. I am working in BPO industry, what i have to do further my carrier I want to become strong in finance and accounting.

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     Ashita Kulshreshtha 
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    First of all, you should think of switching job from BPO to other sectors like finance in which you have interest.

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     Shraddha Goel 
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    First of all, do not think of continuing working in BPO sector as it offers no growth in terms of career and salary.

    Do some finance and management courses from YMCA, Coursera, etc and combine it with your MBA degree to build a better portfolio. You will surely find something better than this. All the best 🙂

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     Olivia Das 
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    Here are some given things that a person with finance background can do after undergraduation:

    Banker – Banker lifer
    Banker – Private Equity/Hedge Fund/Asset Management
    Banker – Grad (MBA) – PE/HF/AM
    Banker – Corporate Finance
    Trader – Trader lifer
    Trader – HF/AM
    Equity/Credit Research -Research lifer
    Equity/Credit Research – PE/HF/AM
    Consultant – PE/HF/AM
    Consultant – Equity/Credit Research
    Accountant – Equity/Credit Research > PE/HF/AM
    Accountant – Corporate Finance
    Operations at bank – Operations at PE/HF/AM
    Operations – Exchange/fintech company
    PE/HF/AM (rare)
    Sales – Investor Relations at PE/HF/AM
    Sales – Capital Formation at PE/HF/AM
    Wealth Management – Family Office

    After MBA in finance:

    Refer the following link:



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