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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    The money it brings is huge, a career in finance could very fulfilling too as it opens your way to many industries and many types of jobs including Financial Advisors, Bankers and many more. What could be the possible career options in finance? Are there other avenues apart from banks? What can be the possible degree combinations to build a career in Finance?

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     Shraddha Goel 
    • Following can be your career options as a Finance Student apart from working in the Banking Sector:
      1. Insurance Companies
      2. Hedge-Fund management
      3. Financial Planning
      4. Corporate Finance
      5. Chief financial Analyst
      6. Public Accounting
    • To build a career in Finance, a bachelor’s degree combined with an MBA in Finance, or Chief Financial Analyst, CA, CS, etc. are a good package.
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     Olivia Das 

    Here are some things you can try: 🙂

    Undergrad – Banker – Banker lifer
    Undergrad – Banker – Private Equity/Hedge Fund/Asset Management
    Undergrad – Banker – Grad (MBA) > PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Banker – Corporate Finance
    Undergrad – Trader – Trader lifer
    Undergrad – Trader – HF/AM
    Undergrad – Equity/Credit Research -Research lifer
    Undergrad – Equity/Credit Research – PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Consultant – PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Consultant – Equity/Credit Research
    Undergrad – Accountant – Equity/Credit Research > PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Accountant – Corporate Finance
    Undergrad – Operations at bank – Operations at PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Operations – Exchange/fintech company
    Undergrad – PE/HF/AM (rare)
    Undergrad -Sales – Investor Relations at PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Sales – Capital Formation at PE/HF/AM
    Undergrad – Wealth Management – Family Office

    After MBA in finance:

    Refer the following link:

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